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Victorian Ménage Series

Seduction of my Proper Wife
Blurb: Philip Thornton adores his new bride but found she's frigid in their marriage bed. Lillian didn't know how to ease her fears until freed from her past. Aria was paid to educate and entice, but what she found was more than she ever dreamed possible. (m/f/f) Excerpt
4 stars from LASR:

Wicked Seduction: Available May 7, 2014
Blurb:Victoria Scott thought she knew it all, but on the whim of a bet, she embraces a scandalous ménage, eclipsing all her expectations. She wants it, she craves it, but in the end will sex be enough? Or has she found the one relationship that could last a lifetime? (m/m/f) Excerpt

About the Fair:
In 1889, Paris held an exposition that was grander than had ever been seen before. Over 80 buildings were constructed or modified just for the fair, countries from around the world seemed to have spared no expense in constructing these exquisite representations of their cultures.

I was inspired by the sheer grandeur of this fair when I heard and read about it. There are some great videos on YouTube so you can see what I mean here and here.

When I watched these videos I knew I had to set a story at the Exposition and what better way to corrupt it than by setting a new menage series there!

I have taken some great liberties with people and places but I hope when you read the new story that you'll be transported back to 1889 Paris and feel the excitement that permeated the streets as Eiffel's tower opened and lovers rendezvoused in hidden nooks and exotic backrooms.