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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review #DoctorWho Series 7

I never posted my review of Doctor Who's latest season! I was so caught up in the 50th Anniversary Special (and the Who-love that kept me going all that week) that it completely slipped my mind.

Amy & Rory. I have to say, Rory completely grew on me. I still don't like Amy, I don't like the oblivious way she treats Rory who deserves so much better. But then love is blind and I don't begrudge either of them the love and relationship they have. It's the romantic in me.

Continuity issues: So space and time traveling Rory didn't awaken the Dalek in Asylum of the Daleks by touching it (like Rose did in Dalek) but the loud noise of him tripping did?

John Crichton was in a Town Called Mercy! (Ok, the fabulous Ben Browder for those who never watched the awesome show Farscape.) And I loved the theme there, the parallels with the Doctor and that alien doctor. Very apropos.

Clara. Clara, Clara, Clara. I don't know how to feel about her.

I mean I watched all her episodes and I didn't have that instant dislike as I did with there. I did have several very enlightening discussions with fellow Whovians (love that word!) about Clara and her possible connection to Rose/Bad Wolf. There were at least 3 dropped hints (perhaps more I missed) throughout her half of the series that I found interesting especially given her 'purpose' in the Doctor's life.

Amy, but I'm still now sure how I feel about her. She did little to endear her to me but then she wasn't off-putting either. Kind of just...

All very circular.

Still, I'm not sure I like her.

But I am sure I want to know more about the Fields of Trenzalor! Oh yes. Very sure I want to know all about that. It doesn't even matter to me if we learn the so-called 'real' name of the Doctor. Names aren't important except to others. I can tell 3 people I'm Jane and 4 people I'm June, and it's only a means for other people to identify me.

I know how I am and that's all that matters.

The Doctor is the Doctor, it's who he is and how he identifies himself and his 'real' name is only a means for his enemies to use and abuse, and for others to spread descent through his friends.

The finale not only set up the Day of the Doctor (which was awesome in ways I feel foolishly giddy for saying) and the rest of the series with the new Doctor. I'm looking forward to the Christmas Special in a few weeks!

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