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Saturday, December 29, 2012

End of the year charity giving

It's the last weekend of 2012 and time to think about (among many other things far more pleasant) taxes. If you're looking to donate to a charity, please, please, please check them out first. Charities might seem all dandy, helping the poor, homeless, returning vets, or survivors of natural catasrophies, but not all are legit. My favorite place to verify a charity is Charity Navigator.

You can browse by most popular --Top 10 lists include most popular, most followed, and quickest expanding among many others.
You can also browse by category--Animals, Education, Environment, Human Services
They have a great article on giving tips, you should check it out but a couple things to remember:
Ensure the charity is efficient, ethical and effective
Give without strings attached
Don’t forget ‘non-Sandy’ charities

Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Recipe: New Year's Appetizers

Today's New Year's recipe looks like it takes forever to make because of the refrigerate overnight aspect, but let's face it, you'll be sleeping overnight anyway so it's all good! Pot Stickers Traditional has several items I don't normally eat (like cabbage) but when minced in my handy new food processor you can barely taste it.

Now, I once accidentally overdosed the ginger in a Chicken and Ginger Soup recipe, so I'm warning you now--when it says finely chopped, obey! Or cut down on the measurement if you want (seriously recommended!). That's the great thing about these recipes, there are lots of ingredients you can mix and match...I don't eat water chestnuts, either, and kept them out.

Prep Time: 1 Hour
Cook Time: 10 Minutes
Ready In: 7 Hours 10 Minutes (it's that overnight aspect)
Servings: 15


1/2 pound ground pork
1/2 medium head cabbage, finely chopped
1 green onion, finely chopped
2 slices fresh ginger root, finely chopped
2 water chestnuts, drained and finely chopped
1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon white sugar
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 (14 ounce) package wonton wrappers
5 tablespoons vegetable oil
3/4 cup water
1 tablespoon chili oil
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon rice vinegar


1. Crumble pork into a large, deep skillet. Cook over medium high heat until evenly brown. Drain and set aside.
2. In a medium bowl, mix together the pork, cabbage, green onion, ginger, water chestnuts, salt, sugar and sesame oil. Chill in the refrigerator 6 to 8 hours, or overnight.
3. Place a tablespoon of the pork mixture into each of the wonton wrappers. Fold the wrappers, and seal the edges with a moistened fork.
4. In a large, deep skillet, heat 3 tablespoons vegetable oil over medium high heat. Place the pot stickers into the oil seam sides up. Heat 30 seconds to a minute. Pour water into the skillet. Gently boil 7 to 8 minutes, until oil and water begins to sizzle, then add remaining oil. When the bottoms begin to brown, remove pot stickers from heat.
5. In a small serving bowl, mix together the chili oil, soy sauce, and vinegar, adjusting proportions to taste.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Small town loving

In between baking, cooking, and cleaning, I started a new series. The first one, Forbidden Road, is started and I'm very pleased with the way it's coming out. Very character driven, witty banter (read: Sarcasm!) and characters I'm very much growing to love.

Small town romance meets sexy menage with a bit of drama tossed in. I wanted to know if I could do a Robyn Carr type of book but put a threesome twist to it and see what happened. 3 chapters in and I have very high hopes for Forbidden Road: A Havenbrook Menage.

And it's a contemporary! Big change for me. But the modern setting requires less research and is far more entertaining when it comes to the dialog. I really am loving that part of it! was everyone's holidays? As mad capped as mine was? I'm still recovering and feel like I need another week to do so. Exhaustion!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Recipe: Candy Cane Butter Cookies

The recipe ingredients I'm using are from a butter recipe since these are butter cookies. I'm changing it slightly because I'm not using a cookie press or cutter but forming candy canes. Sounds complicated, yes? It's really not. It's simply a matter of having red food coloring. Trust me, it really is simple!

1 cup butter
1 cup white sugar
1 egg
2 2/3 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons vanilla extract


  1. In a large bowl, cream together the butter and white sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg, then stir in the vanilla. Combine the flour and salt; stir into the sugar mixture.
  2. Cover dough, and chill for at least one hour. Chill cookie sheets.
  3. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).
  4. Press dough out onto ungreased, chilled cookie sheets.
  5. Separate dough into roughly 2 equal parts: add red food coloring to one half of dough and mix until at the desired red-ish color.
  6. Roll both halves of the dough into 2 separate long logs. Cut to the desired candy cane length, about 3” or so.
  7. Take one length from each color (red and uncolored) and twist together to make the candycane.
  8. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven, or until lightly golden at the edges. Remove from cookie sheets to cool on wire racks.

I don’t think there’s anything in food coloring but take that into account, also.

Servings Per Recipe: 36
Calories: 103
Amount Per Serving
·         Total Fat: 5.3g
·         Cholesterol: 19mg
·         Sodium: 55mg
Amount Per Serving
·         Total Carbs: 12.7g
·             Dietary Fiber: 0.3g
·         Protein: 1.2g

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The world is not ending and neither is the Mayan Calendar

But if it was, I'd want cake. Chocolate cake of course. All of it. Every last morsel.

However, since the end of the 13th Mayan bak'tun cycle really doesn't mean the end of the world, I'll settle for something a little lighter to eat. Christmas feasts are heavy, after all, and I have one on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas Day.

If the world was ending, I think I'd be slightly more panicked (read: a lot more panicked though there'd be nothing I could do about it). And probably wouldn't have done all my Christmas shopping.

So let's say the world was ending and you had only 1 hour notice (phones, internet, wifi all works, this is a what if scenario). Granted, most of us would find family members, cry, pray, possibly run into the streets screaming. But let's have fun with this.
Would you
A) Eat cake?
B) Call your ex?
C) Lay naked on ground?
D) Tell your customers/co-workers/fellow whoevers what you really think of them?
E) Think on what craziness you want to do for that entire hour and then have little to no time implementing said craziness?
F) Say yes to anything right in front of you at that moment?

NASA has prepared a press release for Dec. 22 titled "Why the World Didn't End Yesterday."
"The whole thing was a misconception from the very beginning," says Dr. John Carlson, director of the Center for Archaeoastronomy.  "The Maya calendar did not end on Dec. 21, 2012, and there were no Maya prophecies foretelling the end of the world on that date."

Mayan apocalypse: End of the world, or a new beginning?

Simon Martin is curator of the University of Pennsylvania Museum, Philadelphia's "Maya 2012" exhibition. He says the calendar is complex, and best thought of as a series of gear wheels. He points out that at a Mayan site in Palenque, Mexico, there is an inscription describing an event that takes place in 4,722 of our era, "and that is the turning of an even bigger cycle", he says.He adds that technically this is also not the start of a new cycle. In 3114 BCE the calendar reset to zero with the turning of the 13th bak'tun (which is a smaller, 400 year cycle). This time, however, it does not reset to zero but merely goes on to the 14th bak'tun. "The Mayan Calendar is a weird and wonderful thing," he says.

The Real Deal: How the Mayan Calendar Works
Three calendars
The first thing to understand is that the Maya used three different calendars. The first was the sacred calendar, or Tzolk'in, which lasted 260 days and then started over again, just as our 365-day calendar refreshes once it hits Dec. 31. This calendar was important for scheduling religious ceremonies.

The second calendar was the Haab', or secular calendar, which lasted 365 days but did not account for the extra quarter-day it takes the Earth to revolve around the sun. (The modern calendar accounts for this fraction by adding a day to February every four years, the reason we have leap years.) That means the calendar wandered a bit in relation to the seasons.

The final calendar was the Long Count Calendar -- the recording method that has caused all of the doomsday brouhaha of 2012. On Dec. 21 (approximately), the calendar completes a major cycle, which has triggered doomsday fears and mystical rumors about the end of an age

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Breathless Press, GLBT new releases, and excerpts

 Breathless Press is an e-book publisher specializing in Romance and Erotic(a) stories.

Our mission statement is simple: To provide the opportunity for readers to connect with romance authors through the purchasing of quality e-books at a low price.

Starting in the summer of 2009, Breathless Press came into existence. Since then, we have been producing top end romance and erotic stories for valued readers to enjoy.

Our Goal?

Breathless Press is an electronic publisher of paranormal, erotic, and mainstream romance, releasing one to three e-books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is Breathless Press' mission to provide readers with quality romance books in electronic formats and to raise the standard in e-publishing.

Teaching Teacher by Raven McAllan


Finding love in a new town had not been in Seb's plans. But life has a tendency to throw you curveballs – like Ruari.
When the new head teacher walks into his bar, Ruari knows he has to have him, and damn the consequences. When lust turns to love, nothing else matters. Together they will overcome, no matter what. Or will circumstances drive them apart?


Ruari's head was spinning, his arms were stiff, his cock ached, and he wanted to be alone with Seb. It seemed like hours, but was probably no more than forty-five minutes, before he judged they could leave his bar staff to finish off. He swung behind the bar, grabbed a surprised Seb, and kissed him full on the lips. Cheers and catcalls sounded from the people around the bar.

"You." He finished off with a squeeze to Seb's ass, "are a fucking star. Definitely, a fucking star."

"Too much info boss." Dave was smirking at him.

Oh fucking shit. He realized where he was. Bollocks and buggery and any other appropriate epithets. How the hell was he going to sort this monumental cock-up out? He chanced a look at Seb's expression, and sighed inwardly with relief. Seb was laughing.

"Feet. Mouth into?" Seb asked him.

He nodded. "As Ever. Okay we're finished here. Coffee?"

Seb nodded. Kizzy, who had walked up to them unnoticed made a face, and sniggered. "That is the most pathetic euphemism I've heard boss. Coffee. Hah!" She carried on past them, still sniggering.

"Gotcha there, Boss." Dave patted him on the back. "Take yourself off for er coffee. Don't forget the Swiss roll with it."

"Hells bells." Ruari almost pushed Seb through the door and into the stairwell of his flat. "Are you sure you still want to take a chance on me. I shouldn't be let out without a keeper. And my lips sealed."

Seb pulled him tightly towards his body. Cock found cock and reacted in the best possible way. "Oh, you're not reneging now, boss man." Seb moved so his cock surged upwards. "All that is so easily arranged."

"Huh?" He was so caught up in the sensations of Seb hard against him, he'd lost the thread of the conversation.

"Lips sealed and a keeper. I'll be happy to be in change of all that. Soon." Seb said.

"Okay, so, first we have coffee?"

Seb smiled and squeezed Ruari's arm. "Coffee, where's your car?"

Truth Deeper ThanLogic by Lee Brazil


His lover's death filled Nate Hawthorn with rage. From that time were born legends of bloodthirsty cats and killer bears, of humans entering the woods and never leaving.

Legend exaggerated, and he had calmed down and accepted the transiency of human life. Fragile, defenseless, but curious, brave, and loving. He'd allowed their presence in his valley in the beginning because they intrigued him with their resourceful cleverness in turning their fragile bodies into a strength rather than the weakness he'd taken them for.

When Daniel died, he'd chosen to live among them for simple reasons. He felt closer to his lover walking among his descendants. He took a warped pride in the growth and the progress of the town Daniel had started, in the prosperity of Daniel's people even as their growth and progress had overtaken his woods. Perhaps some fatalistic part of him believed that the circle of life would one day claim him, had known that they would one day kill him.

When Seth Greenwood, a junior architect with a local firm who dreamed of bigger things, pinned his hopes for career advancement on a project that required the use of Nate's land, Nate realized how much he wanted to live. And how very much he wanted Seth.


"Relax, hero. There's a hunting cabin near the grove. I thought it was abandoned. It was pretty old and empty when I was here yesterday, but maybe someone's come out for the weekend. Good news is, if that's the cabin, the grove is right here." Gerry swung to the left and burst into a clearing. In the center of the clearing small trees stood surrounded by lush grass.

Seth froze. The skin on his nape prickled and tiny hairs rose. It felt like someone was watching them. "Gerry? There's something weird about this clearing."

"Cut it out. Jeez, if I'd known what a pansy you were going to be, I'd have done this differently." Gerry clamped his flashlight in his mouth while digging through his back pack. He pulled out an envelope and spit out his flashlight. "Here. These are your instructions. I better backtrack and find those dumb asses before they get lost. Hurry!"

Seth opened his mouth to protest, but Gerry was gone. He slid a finger under the envelope flap. His heartbeat seemed to echo in the open space. That's when it hit him. The difference here was that he couldn't hear a damn thing. All those crunches and whispers, crinkles, and even the whistle of the damn wind had disappeared. It was eerily silent.

Icy sweat trickled down his brow. He played the flashlight over the clearing again, freezing in place as it picked up a glint of red. Assholes. Playing a trick on the stoners indeed. "Not funny, Gerry!" he called out and stepped further into the clearing, toward the red 'eyes'. "I'm not buying it. Save your trick for someone more gullible. Gerry?"

Adrenaline pounded through his veins as he stepped even closer and a deep, dark shadow rose from the darkness surrounding the base of the tree. A vicious snarl ripped through the silence. His flashlight bypassed the red eyes to glance off white teeth.

"Oh. My. God! Gerry!" He screamed as he stumbled backward. If this was a trick it was a damn fucking good one. He made it to his feet just as the majestic beast pounced and retraced his path out of the clearing as fast as he could. The eerie silence seemed to precede him as he crashed and bumbled his way along. The beast was behind him; he could hear it. Hell, he could practically feel its hot breath on the back of his neck.

The cabin. The lights. He caught the flicker out the corner of his eye as a claw nicked his jeans. A burst of adrenaline increased his speed and he burst through the door of the cabin, slamming it behind him.


Heart pounding, gasping for air, he whirled around. "Sorry. It was after me. I'm sorry, but I can't go back out there."

Make Mine To Go by Dilo Keith


Justin can usually satisfy Toby's diverse erotic desires, but when Toby craves something only another man can provide, will this test the limits of Justin's love?

One key to the success of Justin and Toby's marriage is plenty of sexual variety, sometimes with other men they meet at the local BDSM club. While Toby assumes the submissive role in their power exchanges, it's more often Justin who generously caters to Toby's erotic appetites. Toby's interest in flirting with a salesman should be trivial in comparison to his other desires. Instead, it sends both men down uncomfortable paths.

Toby manages to assure Justin that it was harmless fun, or so it seems at first. More troubling than Justin being unconvinced is that Toby doesn't entirely believe his own story. When Toby finally figures out he wants something only another man can give him, he knows it won't be easy to tell Justin. More importantly, is realizing a fantasy-- even an exceptionally compelling one -- worth the risk?


They joined my wrists behind me with a simple clip. Bound, blindfolded, and kneeling, I awaited my next orders. They whispered to each other. The bed dipped, and I could tell by the sound of a zipper Paul went for his toy bag on the floor. Justin was doing something too. My desire to know warred with the thrill of erotic darkness.

"Suck me," Justin said.

If he expected me to remove his jock without my hands, it wouldn't be quick. I hoped he remembered I felt foolish the last time we tried that. Thankfully, he'd just done it himself. I lapped at the trickle of pre-cum I found on his magnificent cock. Apparently uninterested in my reverent attitude, Justin pulled me down, leaving me with my face in his pubes as my main support, his cock nearly gagging me at first.

Justin lifted my head with fingers tangled in my hair. That's such a turn-on. I keep it long enough to allow a good handful. "Having a little trouble, Toby?"

"Just enough, sir."

"Slut." He pulled me back down and kept his hands on my neck, more for symbolism than instruction.
Paul smacked my upturned ass, slowly at first. It warmed and tingled under his masterful care. At some point he switched from bare hands to a fingerless glove that had studs or something, but not sharp like vampire gloves. The combined sensations of leather, studs, and bare fingers made it difficult to focus on Justin's cock. That divine balance of pleasure and pain could transport me to subspace if I weren't trying to do a decent job. Despite my best efforts, I lost my rhythm a few times.

"Pay attention, boy. You've gotta work for it," Justin said with his typical "amused Dom" tone, the friendly taunt that showed he got off on my predicament.

Meanwhile, in contrast to the delight of the sensuous spanking, my unattended boner was threatening to become painful. I probed the surrounding space, not expecting to find relief, but I had to try.

"And no coming without permission," Paul reminded me. He gave me a few hard swats.

Despite these distractions, I soon had Justin moaning and grasping my hair. I anticipated my creamy reward for a blowjob well done.

Family Matters by DC Juris


Oscar is excited to meet Derek's family. But Derek's mother is transphobic. Can Oscar help Derek's mom to accept Derek, or will the family split for good?

Chains? Check. Lube? Check. Popsicles? Check!! Oscar and his transgender lover, Derek, are all set for a long weekend of some much needed—and more than a little bit kinky—alone time. When Derek gets an invitation to a get-together from his mother, Oscar is excited for the chance to finally meet Derek's elusive family, even if it'll cut their "festivities" short. But he soon learns the reasons why he hasn't met them yet - the majority of Derek's family, including his mother, are transphobic. Oscar and Derek attend the function anyway, but the stress sends Derek into an all-night migraine, and Oscar is forced to look for help from the last person he wants to: Derek's mom, Beverly. Can Oscar convince Beverly that Derek is her child, regardless of gender? Or will Beverly's narrow-minded ways split her family apart for good?


Oscar looked up from the newspaper and nearly spit his morning coffee all over himself. "What the fuck are you wearing?" Derek stood just outside their bedroom door. In a dress. A frilly lavender dress, pantyhose, and a pair of shiny black heels. Derek hung his head. "I told you we were going to my family thing today."


"My mother hates Derek. She wants me to be Amy." Derek's shoulders sagged. "So I'm Amy."

"Fuck that! Go change." Anger flared in Oscar so intensely that he was forced to put his mug down or else spill the contents with the shaking of his hand. Derek had said his family didn't approve, but this? Criminal. How dare anyone make Derek feel like he wasn't good enough! How dare anyone demand that he change, that he apologize for who he was!

"I can't." Just a whisper.

"Then we're not going. Or I'm not. I'm not going to watch you play dress up and parade around for their approval. That's fucking bullshit! There's nothing wrong with the way you are, and if those assholes can't see that then fuck them, wubby bear. Fuck every last one of them."

"My mother hates Derek," Derek repeated. He stood stiffly, an air of uncomfortable tension radiating from him.

"Your mother ought to be glad her kid's still alive," Oscar spat, thinking of his childhood friend Maria, who'd been unable to handle the pressures of her gender confusion, and had killed herself.

"I think she'd prefer dead Amy to live Derek."

Oscar's face flushed with the red heat of rage. He stood, shaking his head, and took Derek by the elbow. "Come change. Now."


When rodeo star Jax Weller looks at Luke Parsons, he sees a colt ready to be saddled and ridden hard to the edge of Purgatory.

Rodeo rider Jax Weller is cock of the walk at the Bar C. One smile from Jax and every filly and stallion in the territory, two-legged and four, comes running. It's business as usual until Luke Parsons shows up at the ranch. Thwarted at every turn, Jax is driven wild by the young drifter's beauty and charm. When Jax finally gets him alone, he discovers that Luke has a wild heart behind his angel face. The west has never been as hot as it is in a place called Purgatory.


After dinner, Jonesy sounded the familiar 2-1-2 signal on the iron triangle outside the cookshack signaling all hands to meet in the bunkhouse. Jax grabbed a chair by the door to catch the early autumn breeze and fought hard to look bored.

"Glad to see you all could make it and so sorry to be cutting into your valuable outhouse time," said Jonesy. In response, someone cut wind loud and long.

After the applause subsided, he continued. "Nicely done, boys. That's why I turned down that job in New York City. It just wasn't classy enough. Okay, you old-timers know why we're here. It's time to ride the line. All that Bar C fence isn't going to inspect and repair itself, so before we settle in for the winter, we need to get it done. And guess what? We got us a mess of greenhorns. So, each one of you old hands is going to take a youngster with you and show them how it's done."

Jonesy put up his hand to ward off the groans and catcalls. "Think of it this way. You'll have someone along who is actually capable of doing some work. Give you more time to pull the pickle back in the lineshack."

Laughter broke the tension in the room. Jax tipped his hat down over his eyes, feigning indifference, but the announcement made him dizzy. Brilliant Jonesy. Brilliant.

"Thompson, you take Hoss and work the Gully."

"Hell yeah! I'll be sleeping in my own bed while you all are out pounding ground," said Thompson.

Jax hid a smile. The Gully was the closest assignment but the hardest work. The yearling bulls made a mess of the fence during breeding season and a lot of it had to be reset every year. He listened as Jonesy reeled off the other assignments, waiting to hear the magic words.

"And finally, Mister Big Shot Rodeo Star, Jax Weller, is going to take Perdition Ridge."

Springing forward on cue, Jax said, "Every damn year you stick me with that ride. It's halfway to hell and back and nothing but rock. Send Thompson."

"Piss on you, Weller. Me and Hoss got the Gully. At least once a year the rest of us get to see you do some real work. Get your ass up that mountain. Hey, Jonesy, who ya stickin' him with?" He looked over his list and sighed. "Sorry, Weller, the only one left is Poetry Boy. You're riding with Parsons."

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hetero #menage

Of all the menages I've written so far, I've yet to tackle one of the most common types, the heterosexual menage. Where only those of the opposite sex engage in intimate relations. Therefore, I'm making it one of my resplutions:

I'll tackle the heterosexual menage. It may end up in my Victorian Menage series, or not. We'll see what happens. But I'm interested in writing this type of menage, and want to definitely try it.

I also plan to do a foursome. Not sure if that'll be a hetero or not, it barely in the planning stages now, but that is also on my list of stories to write in the new year.

What's your favorite menage? And would you rather see it as an historical? (Victorian, Regency, pirates, medieval) A Contemporary? Or a fairytale?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Recipe: Cookie Icing

At work someone brought in beautiful cookies in the bakery box and other than not wanting to eat them because they looked so gorgeous, I wanted to know how to make them. I'd never iced a cookie, but these were festive, colorful, and non-fondant. Which I hate and refuse to use. Ever. No taste=no need for it in my baking. This is the recipe I used for the cookie icing.

Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Ready In: 15 Minutes
Servings: 12

1 cup confectioners' sugar
2 teaspoons milk
2 teaspoons light corn syrup
1/4 teaspoon almond extract (I use vanilla; don't like almond extract!)
assorted food coloring (mix more than you'll need because you'll never get that exact color again otherwise! Or is that just me?)
1. In a small bowl, stir together confectioners' sugar and milk until smooth. Beat in corn syrup and almond extract until icing is smooth and glossy. If icing is too thick, add more corn syrup.
2. Divide into separate bowls, and add food colorings to each to desired intensity. Dip cookies, or paint them with a brush.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

#Reviews for Seduction of my Proper Wife

This week I've received 3 lovely reviews for Seduction of my Proper Wife: A Victorian Menage at the Parisian Exposition. I'd like to thank the reviewers for taking the time to both read and review my story and for their kind words.

4 stars from Long and Short Reviews: But overall, it was a very sexy read and I would suggestion a fan and ice water on hand when it’s read. The next in the series should be a fun, hot read, just as this was.

4 books from Reviews by Molly: I loved the emotion behind Lillian’s character. She was completely captivating. I felt her turmoil over not being what she should have been in the bedroom with her new husband. I can’t imagine what that would have been like, especially in a Victorian age, but the inner struggles she dealt with became mine.

Recommended Read by Harlie's Books: Ms. Reed blends sensuality, real emotions and the social classes with Aria and Lillian that supersedes anything that I’ve ever read.  Their relationship was beautifully written, heartfelt and emotional.

Bad Barb's Place: This is a story of three people who fall in love with each other and how to deal with the ramifications in England at the turn of the nineteen century.  This is a menage and yes the love scenes are very hot and erotic but you also fall in love with Philip, Lillian and Aria.

Where to buy:
All Romance
Amazon UK
Barnes and Noble

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Daisy Harris and a different take on zombies

Birkenstock-wearing glamour girl and mother of two by immaculate conception, Daisy Harris still isn't sure if she writes erotica. Her romances start out innocently enough. However, her characters behave like complete sluts. Much to Miss Harris's dismay the sex tends to get completely out of hand.

She writes about fantastical creatures and about young men getting their freak on, and she's never missed an episode of The Walking Dead.

Buy Links:


In the Pacific Northwest, where life hurries to keep pace with technology, a re-animated bride named Josie struggles to escape her creator and to find her identity in the half-erased circuitry of her mind and body.

Assassin Bane Connor just wants to get the girl to the Zombie Underground and receive his payoff-a mental reset that will erase his memories as well as his guilt. But an attack by a rival faction derails his rescue, and the wide-eyed female whose circuitry requires a husband tears at his hardened heart and ignites desire like he's never known.


She peered down at her wet fingers, confusion etched on her angelic face, and then she gave her digit a tentative lick. Eyes wide with surprise, the girl fed her finger farther into the bow of her mouth.

Ho-ly shit! His body sprung to attention, his nerve endings strung taut as a bow.

Feeling like a peeping tom, Bane looked away from the window, assessing the pebbles below his crates and a nearby bank of leaves and weeds he could land on quietly. Then he gave a last glance through the window and noticed her hand caressing the water’s surface.

A fascinated smile played at her lips. Damn, she was beautiful, and not in some fake plastic surgery and programming way. She was fresh, shiny, new—like she held the keys to paradise.

Fuck, he was drunk. The crates wobbled underneath him and Bane let go of the windowsill with one hand, readying to jump. Really, he was leaving.

Her ivory hand slid up her hospital gown and tugged at the tie. The blue-striped, papery material sank from her shoulders to the floor, revealing a pale, slender body that seemed to shimmer under the bright bathroom lights.

Bane bit his bottom lip to stop from groaning out loud. His hips bucked forward of their own accord. The crates tilted to the side and he grabbed at the windowsill’s metal edging to right himself. His arms supported his weight and he trapped the top crate between his legs and pulled the pile back under his body, desperate for one more look. By the time he righted himself, the girl had turned her back on him to step into the tub.

If he’d thought the front of her was nice… Her back was long and delicate, her ass spectacular. Goose bumps rose on her skin and he could almost imagine the feel of them under his fingertips. The girl must have wondered about the water's temperature, because she bent forward at the hips to test it.

His right hand dropped to cup the bulge in his pants. He was a douche and a pervert. And he would jack off to this image for the rest of his undead life. Which, now that he thought about it, would only be a few more days.