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Monday, December 3, 2012

Meditation, #Goals, and Seduction of my Proper Wife

To start off this week, today I'll be at The Menagerie Authors today talking about Seduction of my Proper Wife: A Victorian Menage at the Parisian Exposition. Stop on by and join the discussion!

December, the time of Christmas, end of year stuff, slight panic, and a time to meditate. Yes, I really did say meditate. Why? Because of all the months to start taking time for yourself, don't you think this is the month to do so? Face it, even if you don't celebrate Christmas it's the rush of all things ending. Not that January 1 feels all that different from December 31 but it's the mental attitude of it all.

So this month I want you to find a spot where no one will talk to you for at least 90 seconds in a row. (I can wait, I know 90 seconds is a lot during the day!) Sit straight, feel flat on the floor, hands on your thighs, close your eyes, and breathe.

It may not seem like much but that time for yourself, when you breathe in and hold it then breathe out, breathe in and out slowly. Each and every breath you filling your lungs, and that is really good for you. Meditation apparently keeps Goldie Hawn young (and face it, she looks fantastic!) Meditation keeps you focused and centered and if that minute and a half is all you take for yourself in a single day, at least you have that time and your body will thank you!

Now that you've relaxed for nearly two solid minutes, what do you plan to do with your month? Make new year's goals and resolutions? Shop? Wrap? Get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season? Take another minute (30 seconds if you have to) and relax.

This month I plan to finish Wicked Seduction, the second in my Victorian Menage series, and work more on the Edwardian menage. You can read more about that one on Wednesday when I'll talk about it for the Next Big Thing Blog Hop!

Want to join in? Just email me and I'll send you the questions!

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