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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Small town loving

In between baking, cooking, and cleaning, I started a new series. The first one, Forbidden Road, is started and I'm very pleased with the way it's coming out. Very character driven, witty banter (read: Sarcasm!) and characters I'm very much growing to love.

Small town romance meets sexy menage with a bit of drama tossed in. I wanted to know if I could do a Robyn Carr type of book but put a threesome twist to it and see what happened. 3 chapters in and I have very high hopes for Forbidden Road: A Havenbrook Menage.

And it's a contemporary! Big change for me. But the modern setting requires less research and is far more entertaining when it comes to the dialog. I really am loving that part of it! was everyone's holidays? As mad capped as mine was? I'm still recovering and feel like I need another week to do so. Exhaustion!


  1. I hope you do not stop writing historical novels because I love the historical setting.
    An italian fan.

  2. Oh, no never! Don't worry, I love my historicals too much to ever stop. Just trying a little something different.