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Monday, December 10, 2012

Disaster Movies

So instead of attending to my writing as I should have been this weekend, I did a little bit of it, then watched the B- movies on SyFy Disaster Saturday. Ok maybe some of the movies were D movies (that snow globe one was truly awful.) But I was still watching! Then I wondered: Why, with all the far-fetched stories they threw out at me, was I glued to the action on screen?
My theory? Our innate desire to figure out the worst case scenerio in any eventuallity and ask, am I prepared? What would I do?
As an east coaster I've lived through hurricane Sandy - thankfully with minor damage to my house and only a week of no cable ::shudder:: - I was fairly well prepared. But would I be if a killer ice tornado struck or if a Zombie apocalypse started?
Yes, I have an imaginery fortress in the wilds of upstate New York equiped with all the necessities; like geothermal power and high walls to keep the zombies out. There's both solar and wind power and a hydroponics garden for survival.
So, tell me - what's your imaginary disaster fortress like and what's there?


  1. it's a hobbit-like subterranean home that's totally self-sufficient. And in case of emergency, my dad in a guard tower with a very big rifle. :)

  2. HA! I like the rifle part. Very important for end of the world scenarios!