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Thursday, December 13, 2012

#Reviews for Seduction of my Proper Wife

This week I've received 3 lovely reviews for Seduction of my Proper Wife: A Victorian Menage at the Parisian Exposition. I'd like to thank the reviewers for taking the time to both read and review my story and for their kind words.

4 stars from Long and Short Reviews: But overall, it was a very sexy read and I would suggestion a fan and ice water on hand when it’s read. The next in the series should be a fun, hot read, just as this was.

4 books from Reviews by Molly: I loved the emotion behind Lillian’s character. She was completely captivating. I felt her turmoil over not being what she should have been in the bedroom with her new husband. I can’t imagine what that would have been like, especially in a Victorian age, but the inner struggles she dealt with became mine.

Recommended Read by Harlie's Books: Ms. Reed blends sensuality, real emotions and the social classes with Aria and Lillian that supersedes anything that I’ve ever read.  Their relationship was beautifully written, heartfelt and emotional.

Bad Barb's Place: This is a story of three people who fall in love with each other and how to deal with the ramifications in England at the turn of the nineteen century.  This is a menage and yes the love scenes are very hot and erotic but you also fall in love with Philip, Lillian and Aria.

Where to buy:
All Romance
Amazon UK
Barnes and Noble

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