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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday Regency: Improper Match and the Old Bailey #RegencyRomance

Back in April I wrote a little about the research I did into the Old Baily for this book. Seriously, BBC TV is great for this kind of research! Made it much easier to understand.

Garrow's Law was not only fascinating for its historical and legal drama but so very helpful on the writing front. If you have the time (and can find it, I think I watched it on Amazon Prime) it's worth it. The lead is also the actor who played Mark Latimer (the dad) in Broadchurch.

I also read a little from Old Bailey Online. Not nearly as exciting I'm sorry to say but helpful for procedures.

I wanted to add in all the research I did to Improper Match, but that wasn't the point of Edmund and Selina's story.

The daughter of a successful merchant, Selina Lyndell never expects to marry an earl. But that’s exactly what is about to happen. Their first meeting is entirely unconventional but the moment Edmund Pembroke, the Earl of Granville, lays eyes on Selina, he’s enchanted.

Selina, the daughter of a successful merchant, is new money and never dreams to aspire as high as an earl for a match. But when Edmund insists on courting her, she tries her best to set her fears aside and enjoy their whirlwind courtship.

But sometimes the fates are cruel and a vicious turn of events shatters all she holds dear.

Edmund isn’t letting Selina go without a fight, be that on the streets of London, at the Old Baily, or against the ton’s vicious gossip. Nothing will stop him from clearing the name of the woman he loves.

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