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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sucks. Editing sucks, big time!

On the other hand, reading your story for the fifth consecutive time, aloud, in a eerily quiet room and hoping no one walks in on you, does have its advantages.

Finished  second apocalypse story last night and instead of reading it just after finishing, I thought I'd read the first one, the m/m story. I missed a lot. Not in terms of grammar or spelling or such, not even in terms of plot cohesiveness.

It all goes back to that world building. I knew I needed to add stuff, I made that cool list and all, and used every point in the second story, a sexy m/f/m ménage. And then had to go back and add in all that in the first, the m/m one.

I really love this story now. There's more meat to it, no pun intended, more reasons, more world.

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