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Friday, October 29, 2010


OK, so it was Monday, but I sent off my first full length story, now officially titled (unless the publisher doesn't like that title...) Wickedly Wanton: A Regency Ménage Tale. If all goes well (fingers crossed!) I'd like this to be the first in my historical menage series.

Now by series, I mean loosly connected series: The stories are historical and they're ménage . See the connection?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Short story contract!

My re-told Sleeping Beauty fairy tale has been contracted to be in the Pasionately Ever After Anthology! It's to be published by Ravenous Romance, edited by Rachel Kenley. (She did another fairy tale anthology, Spellbound, which I haven't read yet but plan on downloading this week.)

I'm beyond thrilled. It really makes all that hard work pay off when someone says they like your story.

Friday, October 15, 2010

To e-reader or Not to e-reader

That is the question. Actually, the question is: Which e-reader?

Anyone have a favorite? Or one they consigned to oblivion? I'm leaning toward the B&N nook because you can transfer independent e-pubs onto it. If you go with Amazon you must buy from Amazon. No thanks.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things I'm grateful for

Got some bad news last night regarding the health of 2 people I care about. It made me realize how grateful I am about all the things in my life. I push myself to do a lot, work, family, writing, but this had me taking a step back and looking at life from outside the box.

  • I'm grateful for my family. They're understanding and caring, and even though they insist on eating every day, they still allow me my "Don't disturb me I'm writing" time.
  • I'm grateful for my job. Who'd have thunk it, but especially in this economy where the "official" jobless rate is 9.6% but really closer to 12% (counting all those ineligible for unemployment, and there are many, or whose unemployment has run out).
  • I'm grateful for my health, colds, migraines, and all. I'm not on medication, I'm not in the hospital, and I'm not so infirm I can't do anything I want to.
  • I'm grateful for my writing. That I have this creative outlet to explore strange new worlds, be they historical, paranormal, or anything else my devious little mind can think up.
  • I'm grateful to have the opportunities I have, to live in a country where it's all possible.

I'm sure there are many other things I'm grateful for, but let's not nitpick (running water, heat/cold, flushing toilets, caffeine). What about you? What are you grateful for?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Junixed myself

In the beginning of September I said I wanted to update my blog more but if nothing else got posted, I'd update the beginning month goals and the end. I totally jinxed myself!

But on a positive note, I DID finish 2 short stories and my Regency menage. Feeling very accomplished! So what's on the agenda for October?

October goals:
Start new sexy historical. Not sure what yet. I have a couple vague ideas floating around but nothing concrete yet. I'm thinking another Regency both for the ease of clothing and for the wild time frame. Pretty much anything went during the Regency. Maybe something different, not England?

I haven't decided, but am open to suggestions-rather I'm open to outside the box ideas. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010


Ha! Fairy tale story finished. Sure, I wanted it done in oh, August but time got away from me. I mean seriously, today is October 1? I don't believe it. It's a space-time conspiracy. Yup.

But I finished the fairy tales retold, now entitled The Thirteenth Fairy and am nearly finished the vampire BSDM, titled Parisian Pet, short which I plan on finished today and sending out both of them. Since it IS October 1 and they're due today.