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Monday, June 27, 2011

TV menages

Favorite shows where you just know there's a threesome waiting to happen. These are current shows...well and Buffy since I love it so much.

Buffy/Angel/Spike (Buffy)
Dano/McGarrett and an unnamed woman, possibly Dano's wife (Hawaii Five-O)
Ned Stark/Khaleesi/Khal Drago (Game of Thrones)
Deeks/Sam/and either Callen or Kensi (NCIS: Los Angeles)
Abbey/Zivz/Tony (NCIS)
Brennan/Booth/Brennan's boss, whatever her name is I can't think of it now (Bones)
Susan/Gabby/Brie (Desperate Housewives)

What are your favorites?

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