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Monday, July 7, 2014

#NewRelease! Boss Likes Curves: A Curvy Girl's Billionaire

VP Sabrina McKenna has worked hard to get where she is with Gideon Hotels. When Gideon Marquez asks her to attend several important business functions, Sabrina agrees. It's only after 2 months of these functions that she realizes they've been dating. And she's fallen hard for her boss.
What does she do? Ruin their working relationship? Or does she throw caution to the wind with her very handsome billionaire boss?
Boss Likes Curves is a 39,000 word m/f story with explicit sex and a company-wide, international, high odds office betting pool run by an evil genius and her equally evil cohort.


Chapter One
“Oh, God, I just don’t care.”

Sabrina McKenna rolled her eyes and ignored the lovely pink gum clinging to the bottom of her new Jimmy Choo’s. She stepped into the elevator, unbelievably happy that no one else was inside. With her free hand, she reached back and undid the button on her skirt. Damn, this thing was looser on me last week. Annoyed, she stabbed the elevator button for her floor.
As the doors began to close she sipped from her travel mug and grimaced. They’d run out of half and half this morning so she’d added extra sugar. Now she wished she hadn’t. Her coffee tasted like one of those complicated concoctions from a corner coffee conglomerate.
And was there another C word she could add to that sentiment?
“This better not be my day.”
Her morning already felt as if she was swimming upstream. It had to get better from here.
Gideon Marquez slipped through the closing doors before anyone else could sneak in. He shot her a sly glance and quick grin before he tapped the already lit button for their floor. Why was it people had to tap buttons that were already lit? She asked herself the random question in a vain effort to distract herself from Gideon’s attire.
Sabrina glanced up at him and her heart most definitely did not flip at the sight of her handsome boss oddly dressed in running shorts and a formfitting t-shirt. Nope, and the sight of him sweaty and grinning down at her didn’t cause her breathing to speed up or her mouth to go completely dry.
Not at all.
Hastily bringing her coffee mug to her lips, Sabrina took a large gulp and tried not to grimace at the overly sweet drink. Still, it did offer her a moment to collect her thoughts as the elevator made its way to the floor that housed Gideon Hotels International.

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