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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#Interview with @NancyAdams_A for Extinct

I am a full-blooded Canadian, right down to the maple syrup running through my veins. I enjoy watching hockey, but despise skating...and the cold.  I enjoy a good helping of Tourtiere with a side of Poutine as must as the next person, yet I am only bilingual when it comes to swear words.  I am proud to say I survived my token shot of Newfie Screech, although I did refuse to kiss the Cod - that is never going to happen - and I openly admit, that I fell in love with the Rocky Mountains the first time I saw them.

I have many occupations written down in my passport, mom, wife, author...zookeeper!  However, I have to say that writing is by far the easiest part of my day.

I have three small -but legal- addictions: bed lines, lavender, and books.  All of which, are replenished on a regular basis.  Reading into the wee hours of the morning, is one of many bad habits, next to spontaneously rearranging furniture and randomly painting rooms in my house.

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What is your story's heat level? How do you approach the sex scenes?

Well…according to my publisher (Totally Bound) my book has two ratings.
Totally Burning (how hot you will find the story) - Explicit, highly imaginative and hot, where almost anything goes. These titles are very uninhibited in both sexual dialect and descriptiveness.
& Sexometer Ratings (tells you how much sex is in a book). Extinct is a Level 2 - These books have a pulse pounding balance of erotic tension and sexy scenes. More than Risqué and less than relentless!
I guess that would mean I’m a happy medium, which I okay with.

As for writing a sex scene…I don’t approach with a goal of what I want my characters to do, I let them decide how they want to handle their ‘business’. This method has worked out pretty well so far, but I’m sure somewhere down the line I’ll have to start mapping things out. The last thing I want is for my sex scenes to be repetitive.

How do you maintain activity as a writer when sitting at a desk all day?
I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to maintain focus. Especially working from home, there is always something else that needs attention. I just battle through my urges to do laundry or whatever and force myself to write, other times I go outside and write in my front garden or to the library. I guess it depends on the day and what I have going on. Although when I get into the swing of a new book I don’t usually have any problems focusing.

What is it that you loved about the main characters in your story?
I love that they are both battling their feeling for each other in different ways. Drew is insecure, and worries that Theo won’t like her for who she really is. And Theo is trying to protect himself and the wolf from the modern world, yet he is willing to show Drew what and who he really is even though she might run in terror from him. In the end they over come their fears by putting faith into one another.
Queue the ‘Awe that’s so sweet!’ lol

What do you feel is your strongest type of writing? Humor? Angst? Confrontation scenes? Action? Sex? Sensuality? Sweet Romance? And why?
I don’t think I write one thing stronger than another. Humor is needed to balance off angst and action is great at balancing off the romance. Too much of one or the other is overwhelming. Now with that being said, I do have a way with cheeky one liners. lol

Are you social media savvy? If so what do you suggest for others? If not, why not?
No, not really. I do try though. I realize the need to use social media for promotion and such, and it makes prefect sense, but I’m just not that good at it, only the basic posting stuff.  Besides, if I let it, the interweb would suck me in and keep me prisoner. It’s very addictive.
Curse you Pinterest and your wealth of crafty ideas!!!  lol

What are some things from your life or things you have observed that you've infused into your stories?
For Extinct I used the beaches on Vancouver Island that my family and I visited. I am a huge dog lover and like to include dogs into my stories. For Extinct, Drew’s dog is part Akita which is after my old Akita and in my book The Bannockburn Spell the hero’s(Will) dog is a black shepherd, which was after my the German shepherd I had growing up. I also used the colour of my Great Pyrenees mix for Will’s eye colour. That beautiful girl had that most amazing eye colour.

If you had an unlimited budget, where would you like to visit for story-related research?
This one is a no-brainer…Australia and Norfolk Island (which is part of the Australia but self governed.) I’ve always wanted to go visit Australia but I would love to visit Norfolk as well now that I’m using the island in a story I’m currently writing.

Any fun facts about the research for your book?
I got the idea for Extinct on a family trip out to Tofino, British Colombia. We went hiking and came across a sign that warned us to BEWARE of THE WOLVES. It was freaky thinking that there might be wolves looking at us as snacks but cool at the same time. That night I wrote out an storyline for Extinct.

Finally, tell us a little about your newest release!
Sure! Extinct is about a vet, Drew O’Bannion, who moves to Tofino, British Colombia after being given a Veterinarian practice from a family friend. There she meets a local cop, Theo Grey. Theo is totally drool worthy, but he is hiding a secret. He has been carrying the soul of wolf next to his since WW1. They are two separate beings living within the same body. One protects the other and vice versa. They’ve been alone since the Great war and both were happy that way until they meet Drew and the wolf calls her their ‘Mate’.

While all of this is going down the town is dealing with an unknown shooter who roaming the local woods killing off dogs and wolves alike. By the end there is really juicy sex, a bad guy you are going to love to hate and some sweet romance.

“So your little lover has left you, has she? Gone back to treat sick animals? How very noble of her.”

The wolf growled and Theo fought the urge to reach through the window and haul Linde’s fat ass to the ground and beat some manners into him. He knew Linde was trying to prick at his temper, wanted him to make a mistake, and if Theo did that as a police officer, there would be repercussions. This was when living for well over a hundred and twenty years came in handy, dealing with—as Drew liked to call them—ass-hats.

“Very good, Mr Linde. Hitting where you believe you can cause the most damage.”

“Thank you. I’ve been playing this game a long time.” Linde grinned.

“That would make two of us.”

“Now that is intriguing.” Linde sat forward and rested his elbows on his knees. “And how long would that be exactly?”

Theo snorted despite the anger that swirled in his belly.

The wolf pushed to the surface of his face. Theo’s skin prickled and his eyes burned. The beast had done this very thing a few times before to warn off potential threats, so Theo recognized the sensation right away. This behavior wasn’t something he allowed very often, but in this case he went with the flow. He took off his sunglasses, and bending at the waist, he leveled his stare at the older man. “It’s time for you to leave this area, Mr Linde,” Theo said with a smile.

Linde’s eyes suddenly grew wide as Theo’s eyes flashed a silvery-white.

Linde blinked as Theo chuckled and once again covered his eyes with his sunglasses. Linde didn’t appear overly nervous, but the wolf pulled in his fear.

Satisfaction hummed through his veins. Damn, that felt good.

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