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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Interview with Sarah Gai for The Curvies @sarahgaicurvy

So today I have the fabulous Sarah Gai here talking about The Curvies Series. Sarah was here in November but today she's been kind enough to answer some of my questions!
Sarah Gai is the author of The Curvies series. Living in Victoria Australia. As a devoted wife and mother of three, when Sarah is not writing she will be found reading in a quiet corner somewhere or out for coffee with her own real life Curvies. Being a busy mum she was always trying to find a quick and fun read to squeeze in and that is when the idea for the three novella set sparked into her mind. Wanting to write for all the women out there who want a good short read about strong friendships, romance and body positive, love the skin you're in kind of fiction.Website
What is your story's heat level? How do you approach the sex scenes?
The heat level is light. I really wanted to focus on the anticipation side of a relationship, the moments when butterflies in the stomach are all that exist.

How do you maintain activity as a writer when sitting at a desk all day?
I dont even own a desk. With three toddlers there isnt a lot of time for me to stop. Running around all day i live with ideas knocking around, so i carry my iPad with me everywhere and whenever i have five minutes i quickly type an idea or a chapter. its not easy but its how i work and it works for me at this stage in my life.

What is it that you loved about the main characters in your story?
I wrote Elise based on one of my own Curvy girls. Although she can be a little grumpy, a little protective and largely defensive at the end of it all you can see how much she loves her best friends. As for Charlie I love that after a decade he still couldnt get over his high school sweetheart and after kicking his pride to the curb, went for it. Helps that in my minds eye hes completely delicious.

What do you feel is your strongest type of writing? Humor? Angst? Confrontation scenes? Action? Sex? Sensuality? Sweet Romance? And why?
Hmm, I think one of my strongest points would be writing the friendship type relationship. Coming from a small family i grew up making and keeping a lot of very close friends and turned them into my own unique kind of family. Writing things that are close to my heart is important and despite unique differences and flaws amongst those closest to you. Frienship is something i put a lot of time into maintaining, so that is why i would pick friendship
Are you social media savvy? If so what do you suggest for others? If not, why not?
I wouldnt say im savvy but i do like to check my Facebook and twitter on a daily basis. i would suggest responding to your readers they are so precious and the greatest motivators when it comes to writing.

What are some things from your life or things you have observed that you've infused into your stories?
Apart from friendship i would have to go with fun. I really love to goof around with my friends and try not to take everything in life so seriously. i tried to bring the lighter side to friendship and fun through my book and show the readers that you're never to old to have silly moments and laugh about it.

If you had an unlimited budget, where would you like to visit for story-related research?
Thats tough but if i could pick anywhere to visit it would be Ireland.

Finally, tell us a little about your newest release!
Curve My Attitude is the second instalment in The Curvies novella series. Follow the story of Elise and Charlie as they fumble through the ups and downs of past relationships, betrayal and a love that never dies. continue to fall in love with this plus size trio of girls who stumble their way through life, love, a little drama and some plus size laughs.

Curve My Song is now free everywhere, so be sure and pick up your copy today! Get the book at Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes, or Barnes and Noble.

Curvy My Attitude: Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes, or Barnes and Noble


  1. Thank you Kristabel. You are truly adorable. To every one else enjoy your day and happy reading :)

  2. Good morning, Sarah! Thanks for stopping by!