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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New #CurvyGirl reviews--thank you!

4 stars for Countess Curvy           
The author does a good job of describing Audrey's motivations and why she gave into a really bad case of nerves and fled back to her home...I also liked the fact he was willing to move for her! Why should the woman always move?
From an Amazon reviewer.

5 stars for Boss Likes Curves
Sabrina is a smart successful business woman without a personal life. The did a great writing what Sabrina was thinking and why she freaked out on her office romance. How many people witness office romance go bad?
From an Amazon reviewer.

5 stars for Curvy's Cad
What happens when someone you mentally placed in the "friend" category wants more? Gulp! Kristabel Reed did a very good job of writing this novel. She explored the contradicting emotions and insecurities of Eliza as she starts a relationship with her buddy, Craig.
From an Amazon reviewer.

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