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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Today in History: 1815 Mount Tambora eruption

The 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora, on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia, was one of the most powerful in recorded history and is classified as a VEI -7 event.
No idea what a VEI-7 means but the fact of the matter is that with the eruption and the tsunamis, tens of thousands of people were killed.
According to
It has been estimated that Mount Tambora stood approximately 12,000 feet tall before the 1815 eruption, before the top one-third of the mountain was completely obliterated. Adding to the disaster's massive scale, the huge amount of dust blasted into the upper atmosphere by the Tambora eruption contributed to a bizarre and highly destructive weather event the following year. And 1816 became known as The Year Without a Summer.

The Year without a Summer is, of course, the year Frankenstein was written.

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