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Monday, February 14, 2011

Excerpt: Killer Valentine (Rated R)

It's Valentine's Day, that commercialized holiday of candy, chocolate hearts, flowers, and last minute purchases. (You know who you are!) Pft. Blame it on Hallmark commercials.

If they weren't tracking a serial killer intent on adding unsuspecting tourists to his list, FBI agent Jareth Reese would have found Valentine's weekend in beautiful snow-covered Aspen much more pleasurable. But he and his team barely have time to sleep, let alone indulge in an erotic getaway with each other.
Always a strong man used to getting his way, Jareth won't let one serial killer stop him from forcing both Tony and Sophie to submit to his every command. Though their ménage is new, and the three of them are still exploring their boundaries, he molds them to his will as he teaches them much needed lessons in submission.

In a gorgeous mountain cabin, Jareth indulges in his lovers, but their bond is tested as they confront evil, their own inner demons, and Jareth's intensifying need to control them both. When they follow a killer deep into the forests will they all return or will one be left behind?

What happens when hunting a serial killer through the Colorado wilderness? What happens when your jobs puts you in danger? Everything explodes and you have to hold on to enjoy the ride.

Excerpt from Killer Valentine: Rated R

The phone ringing for a second time that evening woke her. Sophie stretched and listened as Tony searched for his cell. His end of the conversation consisted mostly of “yes” and “huh.” She climbed out of the bed, and came up behind him and slipped slipping her arms around his waist.

This was the first Valentine’s Day in … forever that she had a man in her life. Hell, she had two. And still she doubted she’d be spending it like every other attached woman in America. Tugging the scarf from her one wrist, she examined it.

At least it was red. Sophie squinted at the tag: Valen-tied. She chuckled at the name of the company. Very apropos.

Tony ended the call and dropped the phone onto the pile of clothes.

“What did Jareth say?” she asked, pressing her lips to the middle of his back.

Her hands moved over his belly to cup his cock. He was hard and she stroked him, loving the feel of him beneath her fingers. Already wet, she imagined his thick cock in her body, or better, taking his hardness into her mouth, her fingers deep in her own body.

The three of them had been together only a month, and they’d already turned her into a nymph.

Sophie shook her head and focused. Or tried to, with Tony’s hard cock in her hand and images of him in her mouth, Jareth’s cock in her body. She shook her head again and pushed that fantasy aside.

He took her hands from his body and turned in her embrace.

“What’d he say?” she asked again when Tony didn’t answer her.

He looked down at her with an inscrutable expression. Before she could do more than register the odd look, he pushed her against the wall. Not hard, not in anger, and she hated that this show of force aroused her further.

“If I tell you to stay here,” he said in a low voice, body hard against hers, golden-green hazel eyes as unreadable as a moment ago. “And not to ask any questions, not to leave this place, then you’re to comply.”
She gave him an exasperated look. “I can’t believe you’re asking this of me now.”

Tony didn’t answer, only pressed harder against her. Slowly, she nodded, unable to believe she did so, that she agreed. “Yes,” she whispered.

Tony kissed her, hard and possessive, branding her, she thought in that small bit of her mind that still functioned with his hard cock pulsing against her belly his mouth taking her as surely as his body did.

“Jareth thinks there’s a second killer out there,” Tony said, taking half a step from her. “Wants us in for the interrogation.”

“That’s all you had to say,” she muttered, pushing off the wall.

Tony gave her another strange look, and again she couldn’t quite decipher it. Still turned on, and hoping for a quickie in the shower, Sophie wondered where all this, with Tony, Jareth, the pair of them, was all going.

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