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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I'm thrilled with my first review for Wickedly Wanton. 4 Lips from Two Lips Reviews!! Woot!

Sheila said:

I was very intrigued by this story. I wanted to know how Ms. Reed would handle a ménage tale in a period of strict social conduct. I liked how she had the characters worrying about their public reputations while in private they were lusty. While there is a lot of sex, it is not gratuitous. It is the hottest sex I’ve read lately and kept me aroused throughout the whole tale. On a side note, I want to say I loved the cover. It truly represents what happens between the pages of Wickedly Wanton. Excellent choice and a realistic cover--well done.

Wickedly Wanton is a good read in which social mores are maintained in public while the people enjoy lusty adventures in private.  I look forward to reading more of Ms. Reed’s work.

You can read the whole review at the Two Lips Reviews site.

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