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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blogging and making it thru the week

I don't know why I want the weeks to end...the sooner they end, the sooner the next one begins, thereby creating a vicious cycle of fast weeks, faster months, and flying by years. I mean really, May already? It's insane! But boy was this a long week.

However, on a brighter note, with the release of my mainstream (mainstream-ish) Regency release yesterday, I am excited to say that next week will begin a month long blog tour for Dark Inheritance: Fallen Empire.

Running from May 14-June 8, I'm at 20 stops with randomly drawn prize winners. What can you win? What else would you win during a post-apocalyptic Regency book tour? A post-apocalyptic survival basket of course! Complete with tea, a shawl for those chilly nights, a bracelet, and other things one might need for the aftermath of a plague-hit society.

Here's a list of all the stops:

June 4: Reader Girls

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  1. Pity you can't see my first says: Can you see Friday from here?