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Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic opening ceremony

So...who watched it and what did you think? It's very British, that's for sure! And other than the dancing through the ages I could have done without and didn't think added to the cultural significance of Britain, I loved it.

My favorite is the Parade of Nations, and I completely blame NBC for starting the broadcast at 8 pm when it was hours long. I missed the lighting of the torch! But I have to say, the Brits put on quite the show.

What did you think?

Currently streaming from nbcolympics and loving it!


  1. I really liked how they showed the different cultures, but the crazy lights and electronics were just weird to me. It could be because I left and came home after it had already started, so I just didn't get it. :)
    I am addicted to the Olympics so far. Reading during commercials.

  2. I love the online streaming! I watched things I never would online today...weight lifting, equestrian, and handball.