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Monday, July 23, 2012


Anyone else excited for the 2012 Summer Olympics? I've got my schedule and the site for streaming so am ready to go. I don't like the traditional games, for instance I won't watch the track or the gymnastics.

I like the off-the-beaten-track games like the modern pentathlon and fencing. (Just wait until the Winter Olympics! My favorite there? Curling *G*)

What's your favorite Olympic sport?


  1. Me too!! I love watching the different sports. I love Badmiton! This year we are also keeping our eyes on NZ Women's Soccer..the Ferns. My Sister in Law is the goal tender so we are very excited!! Our first game to watch is July 25. Can't wait!

  2. I might have to watch the NZ Women's Soccer just because! I don't mind soccer, just not on my high list of things to watch. Cause there's Men's water polo after all lol. But now that you mention that, Mel, I'll keep my eye out!