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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I got Stan Lee's autograph!

Jealous? Well, considering the 2 hour line I stood in, the fanboys with stacks of comics to sign, and the fact he barely looked up, I can see how you're not. Still, he's 90 and if I didn't get his autograph now when would I? So I paid and I waited, and yes. I'm very glad I did so. I sneaked this picture of him from line.

I also got Captain Kirk's autograph! Yeah, that was pretty cool, too. William Shatner is really nice.

Wizard World or Comic Con is a great experience. The one in Philly is Wizard World but it didn't seem to matter on Twitter where I saw it called both. If you're a fan you need to attend one at least once in our lives. And no. I did not dress up.

Spent way too much money on fan stuff but I have no regrets. Except maybe not getting James Marsters's autograph (Spike from Buffy in case you wondered.) But it was late, I was tired, and well...there's no excuse I suppose. But it was late and I was tired.

But I saw this interesting blue police call box right in the middle of the convention center! I suspect it was a disguise for something else. :)

And zombies. Yeah, they were all over. Lots of Walking Dead cast members including Daryl, the only person with any common sense on the show! Love him.

And who here recognizes this parking permit tag? Come one, there has to be someone out there who's a fan. Anyone?

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