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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Regency: Sex

Did I catch your attention? Regency romances, to me at least, fall into 3 categories:
Traditional (no sex)
Modern (steamy sex)
Erotic (no need for an explanation there)

I prefer most of my stories with either steamy or erotic sex, but writing an historical is harder. There are all those Regency sensibilities. After all there's a reason Elizabeth and Darcy didn't have any sex in the book!

Even in my Regency Menage Tales, I had to play with historical accuracy. Jumping into bed too soon and it's not really an historical. There was no 3rd date rule. But playing around with that accuracy is half the fun! With the fear of discovery, with the threat of ruination and ostracized from society, and with all those other little things that come about by not going to your wedding night a complete virgin.

After all, what's an erotic romance without a hint of danger and discovery?

What do you prefer? Erotic Regencies (or historicals any era) where the couple (or threesome) sleep together quickly? Or where the tension is drawn out?

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