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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Plagiarism: the latest scandal

In case there's any doubt: plagiarism is bad! And if you think you won't be caught...think again.

I'd read a quick bit of this last week at Dear Author but then realized one of the Goodreads groups I belonged to was actually the group these plagiarists had created! This is from Some Like it Hot, the Goodreads group that developed out of the one created by the plagiarist(s):
The people that we know were involved are:
* Jordin Williams
* Jordin Bishop
* James Bishop
* Liz Thomas
* Emily Curran
* Beth Klein
* Emma Buch
* K A Andrews
* Amber Curran
* Alyssa Bowers(Possibly)

There are probably others. That blogger has uncovered pretty damning evidence that most of those, if not all, are fake names. Beth Klein was the moderator of Sexy Romance. As such, we think it's likely the group will be shut down by Goodreads.

Who Has Been Affected?

The only writers that we know have been plagiarized are Tammara Webbers (Easy) and Jamie McGuire (Beautiful Disaster). While our hears go out to those writers, we are relieved to say that there is no indication that any of the group's authors have been compromised.

That said, all the authors and reads in the old group were at risk of being associated with the ring by staying there, or losing the community if GoodReads shuts the group down. Hence, the new group.

I'd like to thank the new moderators of Some Like it Hot for posting this, making me really read all that had happened, and creating a new group for those who love sexy romances.

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  1. Pretty annoying and somewhat frightening that this happened. Thanks for your post.