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Monday, October 14, 2013

#Review: Doctor Who Series 1 #SaveTheDay

Background: I used to watch Doctor Who on PBS reruns ages ago with my mom. Don't remember too much about it, but I remember enjoying it. Gotta love a man who can travel through time and space in a police box that's bigger on the inside. I mean how cool is that?

Then they rebooted it. Or I guess continued it but for a new century and a new audience. I admit, I didn't watch it when it first premiered. Didn't like the doctor, didn't like the reboot, wasn't going to watch it, blah blah blah.

Then my cousin started watching it and insisted I do as well. I resisted. For a long time. Then I gave in. Oh, wow, am I glad I did! All my grousing about not liking that first Doctor? I totally and unreservedly take it all back! Christopher Eccleston, I've done you a great disservice. (And wow, what great eyes!)

To say I watched all of Series 1 in record time is a bit of an understatement. You have to watch it all, there are so many things that come out it's amazing I resisted as long as I did. And I'm amazed that so many others feel as I once did that this Ninth Doctor isn't the best. Yes. Yes he is. And there are many reasons he's like he is and they make me love him more.

It's become a bit of an obsession really.

I've read up on all the past Doctor. Who episodes thanks to a fantastic (*G*) Wikia page and really find it a shame this Doctor's regeneration wasn't in more seasons. I think they could have done so much with the damaged character he was.

So, the review: Fantastic! Utterly fantastic!

If you like science fiction with a maniacal, time traveling, world hopping, genius with a dead sexy accent and a way of finding trouble and saving the world, then this is the show for you. Series 1 not only delves into the history of Doctor Who but also a new era, a new man so to speak, and all the scars and damage he has from a past that's only hinted at. Mr. Eccleston did a great job in portraying a classic Doctor as well as the more flawed aspects of this new and fascinating Doctor.

A lot of people I've recently talked to about my Doctor Who obsession also don't like Rose. I don't see why not. She may have been a shop girl who worked in a retail store, but she had class and spunk. She's observant and selfless and doesn't take a back seat when there's lives (including hers and the Doctor's) to be saving. She's compassionate and yes, naive, but she also holds the qualities of an Every-Woman. The 'normal' woman with the chance to do things the rest of us only dream of. And she acts like we hope we can in those sorts of situations.

Captain Jack Harkness...yum. Now I watched Torchwood at least Miracle Day, and frankly was always a tad confused. So many things are cleared up. But if you haven't watched Torchwood yet, definitely do so but only watching Doctor Who.

All in all, a definite watch. Sure, there are crazy aliens all dressed up in blue or flying out of the sky, but as with the best of science fiction, those are the metaphors for life. The life here on Planet Earth where good, bad, and grey exist along with the rest of us.

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