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Monday, October 28, 2013

#Review Doctor Who Series 3 #SaveTheDay

Running. Not in the let's go for a run or even let's run from the bad guys who are trying to kill us for a wide variety of reasons and/or turn us into pick-your-creature. Running from...that's the theme of Series 3, of all of them actually. Running.

It's the first word the Doctor uttered in this new series, the very first word we hear out of him in Series 1's Rose. "Run!" And he hasn't stopped since.

The Doctor is running and he's so damn good at it he can't stop. Or doesn't want to. Or both.

Sometimes I think he's running in search of something, but it's so elusive and so evanescent, so fleeting, that the Doctor can't grasp it. But it's not. He thinks he is, thinks he's running in search of something, but he's not. He's always running away.

And it's heartbreaking to watch.

I didn't really mind Martha, she's a decent transition from Rose and all those messy (human) emotions between Rose and the Doctor which were so fantastic to watch grow. But she lacks a quality about her that makes her more than a mere audience tool to see the universe through new and wondrous eyes.

That and she so clearly hopes for more despite not getting it. No idea where the sudden I'm in love/lust with him came from when he was so clearly grieving Rose, but Martha grabbed that single emotion and held tight. Shame. I think she did deserve better, in fact, she did deserve better and should've had more confidence to grab for something more.

All in all, not my favorite season, but the overall arc was great! And those last 3 episodes of the season totally rocked. If you've seen this season, tell me you didn't totally crack up and rewind that part with the Master singing.

Don't get me wrong, but the individual episodes were weak. Though the first episode (Christmas Special: Runaway Bride) introduces Donna Noble and isn't a Martha episode, it's so important to the Doctor. Because running doesn't leave behind those things you're running from. They're always right there, haunting you.

A freaky, terrifying episode, Blink, features in just about everyone's nightmares and Captain Jack returns! Because who doesn't love Jack Harnkess?

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