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Monday, October 21, 2013

#Review Doctor Who Series 2 #SaveTheDay

So, Series 2 of Doctor Who. I admit, after the heartbreaking ending of Series 1, I needed a couple days to continue on. Am I glad I did. Before I sat down and watched Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, David Tennant was my favorite; he's still the crazy, talkative Doctor I love but now I see so, so much more after watching and emphasizing with the Ninth Doctor. (And if you haven't seen David Tennant in Spies of Warsaw, do so. The Alan Furst book is fantastic and I think the adaption wasn't bad in bringing the book to life as a miniseries.)

Yes, the regeneration is a tad jarring, but overall Mr. Tennant embodies a slightly lighter but just as damaged Doctor. With crazy hair (and new teeth). The relationship between Rose and the Doctor evolves to a heartbreaking conclusion. Thanks, guys, for ripping my heart out twice in 2 seasons! Sheesh.

But the overall arcs are excellent as always, the supporting cast adds an emotional layer that make this more than a science fiction show where things blow up and aliens run amok. Which is actually what I love most about Doctor Who--the fact that the day can be saved without a Rock/Bruce Willis-type swooping in to save the day with the obligatory 5 explosions per minute.

Though something usually does go boom.

In the end, it's the characters that make this work. Characters and a deeply entrenched need to do better, be better, and heal the wounds of war and loneliness. Most especially loneliness, a theme we see revisited over and over, not just in Classic Who companions (School Reunion with Sarah Jane Smith) but in both Rose and the Doctor--together and separately.

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