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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#Excerpt A Lady's Temptations: A Regency Winter Menage

Nerves danced in her belly, but they were nothing compared to the heat racing through her veins. Sarina swallowed, her heart stuttering in her chest, but knew she wanted this. She’d almost lost them, almost died in the fire that had ripped through Kingsnorth.

Whatever happened tomorrow, she wanted to make sure both men understood how important they were to her. A part of her wondered if this had always been the outcome: the three of them, together.

For a heartbeat she wondered if Prescott and Liam felt for each other what they did for her, the burning need to be with both. But then Liam took one hand and Prescott the other as they led her to the bed. Sarina had the feeling they truly had worked things out between themselves. Not saying good-bye, not accepting her marriage to Lord Strathmore, but sharing.

She didn’t know what that entailed, but if the excitement running along her nerves was anything to go by, she looked forward to it.

Liam stood behind her, his hands large and warm on her bare skin as he slipped his robe off her shoulders. Sarina’s breath caught, but she didn’t stop him. Propriety had fled and she had no desire to try and find it. This was what she wanted.

And when his lips grazed her skin, over one shoulder to the sensitive side of her neck, Sarina forgot she was supposed to have any objections in the first place. Her eyes fluttered then closed, her skin on fire. Liam’s lips tasted gently over the soft spot between her shoulder and neck, and she shuddered.

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