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Sunday, September 7, 2014

#NewRelease: A Lady's Temptations: A Winter's Regency Ménage

A Lady's Temptations: A Winter's Regency Ménage Now available! 

Kingsnorth, England
February 1814
Her mind should have been on the wondrous winter masquerade she and her cousins were headed to, but it wasn’t.
Sarina Hunt could not seem to quash the sadness she carried with her from London to this beautiful little village. A sadness that felt like a heavy trunk brimming with rocks and one of her own doing that should have been resolved long ago.
Usually, when she thought of Mr. Liam Trevelyan and Mr. Prescott Sinclair, those thoughts were accompanied by very unladylike fantasies. Fantasies that heated her skin even in this cold carriage and ones she only just managed to keep hidden when around them.
Sarina had acknowledged her feelings to herself some months ago, but if she’d been truly honest, she knew even long before that. The problem was, she should’ve warmed to one over the other by now. She should’ve chosen which man she’d have been better suited for.
Or which man was better suited to her.
However, she could not seem to. Sarina had never truly been a butterfly of a girl—flittering from man to man to assess her most advantageous prospect. She didn’t like that, pitting one suitor against another. It was not the game she played; she didn’t like games of this sort at all.
Through sheer force of will alone, she managed to push those thoughts to one side, not deep enough to ignore, never that, though her skin still felt flushed and her blood hot in her veins. Swallowing hard, she affected as casual an air as possible as she adjusted her deep blue cloak, the fur trim brushing sensuously along her cheek.
She gazed out the carriage window as Kingsnorth came into view, and red bunting draped over everything. It wound around the evergreen branches heavy with frost and snow, and up the unlit streetlamps.

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