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Thursday, September 11, 2014

#Interview with @Nancy_Corrigan for Hunter Betrayed

Nancy Corrigan believes in unending love and epic tales with a paranormal flare. She enjoys transcending the boundaries of reality to take her readers on an erotic, emotional and romantic journey.

She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. When she’s not weaving sizzling fantasies, she works as a chemist in a pharmaceutical lab.

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What is your story's heat level? How do you approach the sex scenes? On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the hottest)
I’d rank Hunter Betrayed as a 4 for explicit sex. I view sex scenes as being an integral part of the H/H’s journey to obtaining a HEA. Some of the encounters in Hunter Betrayed are sweet while some are scorching and very naughty, but all advance the emotional and physical aspect of the story.

How do you maintain activity as a writer when sitting at a desk all day?

Breaks are essential. Sometimes I exercise. I have an elliptical in my office space. Other times a nap or a trip outside the house is required. 

What is it that you loved about the main characters in your story?Calan is the leader of the Wild Hunt. He’s noble but wicked. He’s willing to suffer for the good of the world, his siblings and Harley. I love the tortured aspect of his nature and his desire for love. Fate has been against Harley from birth. She’s been damned to suffer because of lineage, but she won’t give up. Her endurance is amazing. I also love her willingness to be what Calan and the world needs.

What do you feel is your strongest type of writing? Humor? Angst? Confrontation scenes? Action? Sex? Sensuality? Sweet Romance? And why?Sex and action scenes are probably my strongest. I love reading books that keep you glued to your kindle from start to finish. I try to incorporate that high energy level in my writing too.

Are you social media savvy?If so what do you suggest for others? If not, why not? I enjoy spending time on social media but don’t have enough time to dedicate to it all. My favorite site by far is Pinterest. I’m a very visual person and it’s easy and fun for me to create boards for my books, characters and interests. It’s also so much fun to scan quickly and see what the people I’m following are exploring. Facebook is next but it’s frustrating at times as I know I’m missing out on people’s posts because of the way FB decides to load my newsfeed. My advice is to find what you love and embrace it, then skim the other platforms because everyone has different tastes.

What are some things from your life or things you have observed that you've infused into your stories?There are lots of little things from my life and experiences incorporated into my books. Sometimes I don’t realize I’ve added them until I’m editing, but I usually leave them in.

If you had an unlimited budget, where would you like to visit for story-related research?
Europe! I love writing myth-based stories. Hunter Betrayed is based off the Wild Hunt myth. It shows up in various forms throughout Europe and even North American mythology. I have another series starting later this year with Mist Unveiled, which is based off of Norse myth. To be able to get the feel of the countryside and history of the countries across Europe would be invaluable.

Any fun facts about the research for your book?
had so much fun researching Hunter Betrayed, but the one thing I found interesting was how many different versions the Wild Hunt myth could be found. Each one spun the story in a different light but all had the common theme of an uncontrolled procession of horsemen and hounds. It’s amazing to see how cultural and social standards affected the telling of the tale.

Finally, tell us a little about your newest release! Hunter Betrayed is book 1 of the Wild Hunt series. It’s based off of the Wild Hunt myth and surrounds the redemption and healing of the riders of the Wild Hunt through love. Calan and Harley’s story is the trigger that allows the Wild Hunt to ride again and opens up a world of danger, conspiracy, temptation and scorching, all-consuming love.
“You.” She swallowed hard. “It’s you.”

“Yes. It is.” A long moment passed where they held each other’s gazes. Finally, he released a shaky breath she felt skim over her cheek. She pressed her palm to the sensitive skin to hold the warmth close. “You never returned to me.”

She’d tried. Raul had stopped her. She’d escaped a near rape at his hands by stabbing him but afterwards she hadn’t been quite…right. It was as if his touch had dirtied her.

She wrapped her arms tight around her chest and pushed the memory away. “I ran just like you told me to.”

“I also told you to come back. You promised you would.”

Guilt choked her for breaking her vow too. She looked away.  “Yes, I did.”

The feather light stroke of his fingertips along her cheek quickened her breaths. Her body reacted to the simple caress as if he’d touched her intimately. Her breasts pebbled and warmth pooled low.

“No matter. I’m glad you finally did. I need your help.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You remember all the knowledge I shared with you, correct?”

She remembered. He’d forced information into her brain she hadn’t known what to do with. Within one heartbeat and the next, she’d learned everything she’d needed to know about how to avoid falling victim to the redcaps and sluaghs. He’d also implanted a compulsion to have an obsidian blade made that had become her constant accessory. She never left the house without it. It was the only thing that could kill the fairies’ creatures.

She forced herself to nod. “Yeah, you saved my life.”

“I thank the gods for that, little female. I was right about you. You are the key.”

“The key to what?”

“You will be the one who will unlock me from my prison and allow the Wild Hunt to ride again.”

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