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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Etiquette: Tips for visiting

Five Tips for Holiday Visits from the Emily Post website. I especially like #2 and #4. Then again, this website is supposed to be for Uncle Jim in #4, isn't it?!

Of course #2 is a good one, too. I always ask if I can help and not stand around talking instead like a lump. But I never volunteer to do anything specific. This year I'll offer to do something specific, though I know a lot of people like their dishwashers loaded to their own specifications. Maybe I'll volunteer to dry dishes instead.

The Gracious Guest: Five Tips for Holiday Visits

  1. All hosts—including your mother and aunts—love a surprise gift.
  2. Be willing to pitch in, but instead of asking the harried host how you can help, volunteer to do a specific job like loading the dishwasher.
  3. If you make the offer to help and the host firmly declines, back off—some people really don’t want guests in their kitchen.
  4. At family get-togethers, don’t let nosy questions upset you. Deflect rudeness by changing the topic: “You’re right, Uncle Jim, I was thinner last year. How ‘bout those Steelers?”
  5. Visiting friends or family?  Observe this rule of thumb: Three nights is usually plenty. Spell out arrival and departure times well in advance so your host isn’t left guessing.

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