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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Princess Curvy: A Curvy Girl's Italian Affair

I had hoped to have this ready for sale early this month, but the Holidays got the best of me! New sale date: January 7, 2015. I'll post pre-order links as soon as I have them.

Natalia Dolcini had dusted off an old Italian title to launch her fashion line—Princapessa Natalia for curvy women. A line that made women look sexy, young, and gorgeous. And she loved every minute creating it. She led a charmed life in Milan and knew it.

Until Adam Clayworth waltzed into her life. Infuriatingly handsome, the sexy banker had an old-fashioned charm to him Natalia found hard to resist. So she didn’t. When he asked her for an introduction, she was more than happy to comply—only for it to end in shouts and accusations.

Her temper got the best of her when she promptly threw Adam out of her house.
What she hadn’t expected was for that night to bring her into a banking intrigue Adam investigated. Or for Adam to become her lover. But then Adam’s investigation turns dangerous.

Natalia finds it difficult to keep her own heart safe as they race from Milan to Portofino and back again. Will their Italian affair end after the danger does? Or will it be an affair to remember?

This is a 35,000 word Curvy Girl story with a fiery Italian designer and an Englishman entirely too sexy to be a banker.

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