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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Excerpt from Christmas Curvy: A Curvy Girl's Holiday Fling

Laura ran up to her room to get her coat with the promise of meeting Kamari at the ice skating rink in ten minutes. As she waited for the elevator to climb to the executive suites, Laura wondered if Kamari’s rooms were also on the same floor.
            She refused to think about the small, very slight, flip her stomach did and resolutely ignored it. Because this was all business. And since when was she interested in him? All right, that was the wrong question.
            It wasn’t a matter of being interested or finding him attractive or even of wanting to know him better. She did find him attractive—she had eyes attached to her brain, after all, and Tyler Kamari was a very handsome man with a brilliant mind. It was a matter of not doing any of the above because it was a supremely bad idea. Period. End of story.
            Quickly keying her door open, Laura grabbed her heavy black wool coat with a black faux fur trim. She double checked that her gloves were still in the pockets before leaving. Part of her wanted to take more time, to manufacture an excuse to leave Kamari waiting. Not out of some warped sense of letting the man wait, but because she had inexplicable butterflies in her stomach.
            Which was ridiculous, of course, because their relationship was strictly business. No matter how attractive she found him, theirs wasn’t that sort of relationship. She didn’t need messy in her life. She liked the orderly path she’d laid out for herself.
            And if she wanted a date…well… Laura frowned as the elevator doors closed behind her and began their descent to the lobby. She stared at herself in the shiny doors. Best not to think about dates. Or lack thereof.

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