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Saturday, April 17, 2010

New ideas

I'm thinking of new story ideas tonight. Trying to flesh out a regency plot with...well...actual plot. It looks as if this story is more internal conflict than external. So far I have a very typical historical plot for 1804 England story:

Girl is forced to marry much older man, decides to loses virginity to sexy hero who also invites her closest friend.
Now this close friend has always loved and wanted my intrepid heroine so this is a win-win situation all round.
Hero teaches heroine all he can in a single night but in the end, heroine still believes she has to marry older man (yes friend plans on staying by her side somehow, though neither really knows how).

Then of course there's the obligatory your mine I won't have you marrying anyone else scene and how to get rid of the older man. And sex. Lots of sex.

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