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Thursday, April 22, 2010


I don't use Twitter, but I understand there's a tag for use when writing which is #amwriting. I like it, though I have a feeling that if I'm on Twiter I'd spend more time tweeting than #amwriting. I have that problem with research already. I tend to get lost in it, find really cool things about a person or place or event and forget myself for hours. Really cuts into my #amwriting time.

Yesterday I read about the Hohokam Indian tribe of Arizona. (it's Liz Fichera's fault!) Granted, it was only a wiki article, but I wanted my facts fast and dirty. :) Still, what did I do instead of write? Read about the tribe which disappeared over 600 years ago. I wonder if there's a History Channel documentary on them. I know they did something on the Anasazi once.

Still, very little #amwriting was done yesterday. I did plot out the next couple chapters (I tend to write by the seat of my pants) so I'll work on those next. Check it out, my story's developing a plot! Coolness.

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