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Friday, April 30, 2010

Point of View

I don't know why I just realized this, since I'm well into chapter 5, but I have chapter 1 entirely in the hero's point of view. I like it, I think it really works, but does anyone else? Okay, I don't know all the rules for this, and I don't think it matters if I break this particular one, but I need another opinion.

How much of the hero's point of view do readers like?

Readers not me, since I love knowing what everyone's thinking. :) I don't mind first person stories, but I hate not knowing what's going on in all the characters's minds. Even if it's just a little bit, or a few paragraphs every now and then.


  1. I'm currently working on a story that's in alternating viewpoints (first person) of the two main characters. I'm kind of partial to first person because you can get so "in the head" of your character. I think POV depends on the story, a writer's style, and perhaps even genre.

  2. In romance I prefer both the hero and heroine's POV. In suspense it's acceptable to have the antagonist's POV too. Head hopping is totally different from POV. It can be very detracting to be in one person's POV in a paragraph, then jump into the other person's. Limited POV and smooth transitions are the answer (LOL and take work on your craft to accomplish)

    I've heard you should choose to tell your scene from the POV character who has the most at stake at that point.

    Hint: In my experience, most editors get crazy if there are too many POV characters. :D Eliza

  3. That's interesting to show the scene from the character's POV who has the most at stake, Eilza. Thanks, that does go a long way to sorting out who to showcase, I guess you could say. I knew about head hopping, lol, and do steer clear of that.

    Liz, first person from two main characters? Interesting. How do you introduce the different characters so the reader isn't confused as to who's POV we're in? I mean I'm sure there's a way but until you said it just now, I never would have thought of it.

  4. Kristabel, in the YA I'm working on, I separate their POVs by Chapter. Each chapter is from the perspective of the teenage girl or the teenage boy.