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Friday, April 23, 2010

New story

I couldn't sleep last night, not sure why. It's sure not because I mysteriously caught up on sleep and therefore wasn't tired! But I couldn't sleep so instead of tossing & turning or watching absolutely nothing on TV I wandered to my trustworthy laptop and outlined a new story.

Still working hard on my Regency one, I'm about 4 completed chapters into it and really liking where the story is going. But this must have been the late hour of the night.

It's a story about three friends exploring the steamier side of life and love. I don't have it all worked out, just know that it'll be divided into parts, 1 for each friend, showing her story. It'll all start with the same scene/event, told from each woman's perspective then move on from there. This one is a contemporary, very modern day experimental. Chic lit possibly, not sure, but with more sex.

1 comment:

  1. I can so relate! Whenever I get hooked on a story idea, sleeping is secondary. After about a week, though, it does have a habit of catching up. Looking forward to hearing about your WIPs!