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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Historicals and sex

With the release (yesterday) of my first short story, I wondered why I drifted to the historical menage. OK, there was no drifting, I did it on purpose because historical menages are few and far between. At least in my limited experience so don't shoot me for not knowing about X, Y, or Z-tell me about them instead! I need to read them. :)

All that aside, it's not like menages are new. I mean look at Ancient Rome and Greece. The movie Troy notwithstanding, Achilles had both a male and female lover though, granted, probably not at the same time. Patroclus (portrayed as his cousin in that god-awful movie) and Briseis whom he refers to as his wife/bride:

Are the Atreidae of all mortal men
the only ones who love their wives? I think not.
Every sane decent fellow loves his own
as in my heart I loved
Briseis though I won her by the spear.

Hmm, not a great example of a true menage but my point is that sleeping with both a woman and man is not new. And often, after the fall of Rome, considered an affront punishable by death. No wonder all this was done in such secrecy! I would, too, if it meant death-or even scandal, prison, and outing as some kind of freak.

It's all well and good to say it doesn't matter, but I live in today's society with 21st century morals and outlooks. If I lived in, say, 1770 not France everything went on there. How about 1770 so many other places. Yes, better. So, I'm living in 1770 America or Spain or China (and wasn't the emperor) and want two lovers at the same time. I'd keep it a secret, too!

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