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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5 star Review

Technically, that's 5 steaming cups of coffee from Coffee Time Romance Reviews. It's so nice to see lovely reviews like this. I do read all the reviews that pop up in my google alerts (or are posted on B&N [0] and Amazon [1]) and try to take into account that A) not eveyone will like what you write and B) sometimes even a so-so review has a positive spin to it for the next book in the works.

But this one understood all I wanted to convey in Wickedly Wanton and I'm so thrilled!

Read the whole review here.
I was rather surprised by the depth of emotion Kristabel Reed conveyed regarding a situation some would find to lack any. Wickedly Wanton is all the more thrilling for the era it is set in. If the author had chose modern times this story would lose its steam but in a Regency setting the scandal is what makes the story all the more thrilling. I found the characters all interesting in their own way despite the roller coaster of feelings they each inspired throughout the story. I highly recommend Wickedly Wanton for everyone because even if you find the Regency Era not to your liking Kristabel Reed just may turn your head.

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