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Monday, March 21, 2011

In case you missed it

Yesterday was the first offical day of Spring. Now, if you live in northeastern America, you may have thought that Friday was the first day because of the 70+ degree weather. Sunday 3/20/11 was a much chillier day. not very spring like in my eyes.

It was also the first day of Autumn for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere. I wonder what the temps were like in Australia?

Yesterday was also:
Kiss Your Fiancé Day
National Agriculture Day
Proposal Day
Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day

I get the coorlation between 1 and 3 but not so much where #2 fits on the list. Must have been there first and the rest grew up around it. #4 is easy: It's Mr. Roger's birthday. Anyone else think he was creepy?

And, according to Todayin History: On March 20, 1934, Mildrid "Babe" Didrikson pitches one inning of exhibition baseball for the Philadelphia Athletics in a game against the Brooklyn Dodgers. She started the first inning, and allowed just one walk and no hits. Though Didrickson was not the first woman to play baseball with major league ballplayers, she had attained national-hero status with an unprecedented performance at the 1932 Olympics.

Take that overpaid MLB pitchers of today! Fitting for Women's History Month!

Lastly, yesterday was also Tunisia: Independence Day (55th anniversary of independence) Will they have a new Independance Day after the protests?

Today, for those interested, is International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Always important. It's also Timothy Dalton's birthday. Timothy Dalton...yum.

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