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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Social Netowrking: Commenting on blogs

There's a very good reason as to why I don't often comment on blogs. It's not that I don't read them, I follow many (entirely too many) blogs and try to read at least the blurb every day. But only about 5% of the time do I click to read more.
  • No time in the morning to read them and many aren't updated that early anyway. But, if you schedule your post to go live at 6AM or earlier, then I'll be there. :)
  • No time at night to do more than skim the blurb Blogger so helpfully provides. Once I get home, make dinner, deal with the day's crisis, walk the dog, and whatever else I have to do, I write. Getting at least an hour of writing time in per day is extremely important to me. Of course I'm not the only writer with this problem, but I've yet to juggle it all into a workable juggling act.
  • Do I write? Or do I make online friends? Difficult choice.
  • When I do manage to sneak online at work, the graphics (pictures, covers, etc.) are entirely too graphic for my workplace. Getting on at lunch is one thing--getting on with a bunch of mostly naked people in various positions is another. I keep my professional and home lives very very separate from what I write and read.
How does everyone else manage it? Inquiring minds need to know!

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