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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sent out!

I'm thrilled I finally managed to send out Seduction of a Proper Lady! It's such a relief.

Lady Laurel Kingsley had been brought up to be the most proper of ladies. But when Major Braedon Sinclair sets his sights on the young debutante, propriety is the last thing he wants from her.

Braedon wants a woman with the attributes of a courtesan and the reputation of a fine lady. He wants her to accept his unconventional desires--desires that include another man in their bed.

Ethan Ashmore, Sinclair’s former lieutenant, is the other man in Sinclair’s bed. Now that they’re home from a decade at war, neither wants to give the other up, but both want a woman to share their passions.

The proper Lady Kingsley soon becomes their very willing prey.

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