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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Editing and Coldness

Spent the weekend doing edits on Risque, my new Regency ménage. In reading through (and changing back deleted words from the copy editor that really made the sentence work) I realized a few crutial things:

1: Not enough character development in the opening chapters
2: I should do this all in one sitting-my eyes cross
3: Sex in the opening chapters is great but without emotion it's nothing more than porn.
4: I LIKE plot with my sex. I like reading about characters and why they sleep with one character over another, why they fall in love with one man or two and whay makes it all work
5: Writing a love match ménage where 3 people fall in love with each other as well as want each other

But it's all finished and sent out. Hopefully I'll have a cover this week!

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