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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This year's TV crop

I started watching several new shows this season, and had really looked forward to the return on others.

  • Pan Am: showed promise but seemed more of an historical rehash of the 60s. I stopped watching after 4 episodes.

  • Terra Nova (after the first episode): picked up but seems off somehow. I'm not sure how, it's like I've seen this scifi show before in a great many science fiction shows I used to watch. Nothing new there. Off the DVR record list.

  • Person of Interest: One episode. One episode and I couldn't take it. Seriously, with all that technology anyone could stalk another person and save and/or arrest them.

  • Grimm: Is it just me or is the heir to the Grimm legacy a petulant child? Seriously, you're not 16 year old Buffy trying to have a normal date and not die at the hands of the Master. You're a grown-up cop. Shut up and deal. Plus I can't stand the lying-to his cop partner, to his nearly fiancee. Ugh.

  • Once Upon a Time: Far different from Grimm, this still hold my attention.

  • Hell on Wheels: I have a secret love for the Wild West. Adored Deadwood and will give this more than one (pretty good) episode before passing judgement.

Hawaii Five-O: What happened? Honestly, what happened between the end of last season and the start of this one? Did the writers forget the rapport between the characters? Did they toss out all character growth? And please, please I beg you-get rid of nameless blonde chick. She's one-dimensional and adds nothing to the show.

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