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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Regency: Plagiarism

A lot has been on the various blogs I follow about this YA blogger's plagiarism. I have no idea who this blogger is, but it's the fact of the matter. I try my absolute hardest to cite wherever I take a quote, even if it's only a couple words, and even try to cite the links for pictures I search for. I'm not always successful with that but I try.

In the interest of Regency-fying this post, I searched for Regency Plagiarism. Several interesting links popped up, including this one from Regency Era about a Norwegian university's video on plagiarism. It's pretty amusing once you put on the closed captions!

But what I found that really interested me was on Georgette Heyer and Barbara Cartland. Apparently, Ms. Cartland not only plagiarised Ms. Heyer but did so...badly. Georgette Heyer writes Regency--Barbara Cartland does not. I've never read a Barbara Cartland book, but I do think I've seen some of the made-for-TV movies. Nope. Not Regency! (I could be wrong about this, am I?)


  1. It is so sad that plagiarism is becoming so common now. People think that they can get away with it and sadly some are.

  2. On one hand, Savannah, it's true but I've read that several very high ranking politicians are being forced to step down because papers they've done are plagiarized. I think the president (not PM Angela Merkel) was one recent example.

    It's really a matter of time. It's just sad that people continue to do it with no thought to those they're plagiarizing or to the consequences.

  3. Jeez! Lately, it feels like there's some new plagiarism scandal every day. What a hot mess!

  4. Cynthia Eden had one of her books (that had been out for a while) re-written word-for word on a fan fiction site with the hero/heroine's name replaced with "Bella" and "Edward" and told in first instead of third person. It went so far as being voted the best fan fiction piece and someone painting a picture inspired by it. One of Ms. Eden's fans saw it, and reported it to her. The person who did it, actually finally admitted that was what they did. It's pretty sad...

  5. I don't understand plagiarism. Why bother copying someone else's work and trying to pass it off as your own. Do they not know that eventually they will get caught? Maybe they want the notoriety? I, personally, am not a writer (I lack that creative spark), however, I would NEVER think about copying someone else's work. Do they not know how hard writers work to get their books out there? Either way, I agree with Morticia, it is very sad!

  6. Very sad. And stupid. What's the point? Especially today with all the resources out there to ferret out plagairism. Plus the people who notice these things--readers are not stupid!