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Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday #goals and #excerpt

I've been editing my new contemporary menage romance, Forbidden Road: A Havenbrook Menage and plotting out book 2. Actually I've been editing a whole lot, I also have a new Victorian Menage finished and the first in my trilogy of paranormal erotic stories.

No allergy or sinus medicine isn't helping but that test is Tuesday (tomorrow). Here's hoping I survive until then!

This week's goals are the same as last week:
Edit Forbidden Road
Put together a contest for Wicked Seduction release
Plot Forbidden Love: A Havenbrook Menage
Do the allergy test (ugh)

Anyone ever have an allergy test? Anyone know any practical advice on immunotherapy for allergies? I'm suffering here! I need my sinus/allergy meds!

Seduction of my Proper Wife: A Victorian Menage at the Parisian Exposition:

Aria waited for the English beauty to take her hand. Lillian hesitated, it was clear in her face, that vulnerability that drew Aria.
From the first moment she saw the tall, pale woman, Aria wanted her. She didn’t have the English words to describe her, but she found Lillian to not only be striking externally but within as well. Even before she broke down and shared her past, Aria could see her pain and fear sharply defined in Lillian’s vivid blue eyes.
It only made her want the other woman more.
Her breasts ached to feel Lillian’s mouth on them, to feel her teeth close over her hard nipples. She was slick with need, and Aria wanted desperately to alleviate that yearning. To feel her fingers within her, to feel Lillian’s touch, her mouth.
More, Aria wanted to taste Lillian, to breathe in the scent of her passion, to show her all the ways of love.
In her life she’d enjoyed both men and women, many of the women here enjoyed each other in ways their male companions could never understand. She enjoyed sex, enjoyed the difference between making love with a man and doing so with her fellow dancers.
She had, on occasion, slept with European women who wanted the anonymity and exoticness of sex with a foreigner. She found them demanding, dominant. While Aria didn’t necessarily mind the dominance, they weren’t as conscious of the entirety of pleasure as her other women lovers were.
Should Lillian stay as planned, Aria intended to teach her all the ways of love, not simply momentary pleasure.

Where to buy:
All Romance
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Barnes and Noble

Review: 4 stars from LASR: I really enjoyed the relationship between the two, and then when Phillip came into the picture the dynamic changed yet remained the same. I think the author did a really good job of that. When the three were engaged with each other, you could feel the heat come off the page! Wow!

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