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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Victorian Paris: The Seine

My Victorian Menage stories are set in 1889 Paris during the Parisian World's Fair. The fair bordered the Seine River, an historic and still important waterway in Paris. In a scene from Seduction of My Proper Wife, the trio take a boat ride down the Seine.

Paris and the Seine, perfect together.
  • Joan of Arc's ashes were scattered in the Seine.
  • Napoleon wanted his ashes to be scattered over the water as well.
  • The 1900 Summer Olympic games rowing, swimming, and water polo were held in the Seine
  • The Seine was an original objective of Operation Overlord in 1944
  • In 1991 UNESCO added the banks of the Seine in Paris to its list of World Heritage Sites in Europe
Seduction of My Proper Wife:

His hands itched to grab her and pull her to him, but he settled for offering a wicked smile instead. “We have plenty of time to be naughty, my love. And I want to feel you clench around me as Aria screams your name.”
Lillian’s breath caught but before she could do more than whimper her acquiescence of that, Aria returned. Dressed much as Lillian was in a crisp walking gown, she looked just as striking in Western clothing as she did in the sheer skirts when she danced.
Paying Madame Dupré the deposit she required, Philip whisked them both out of the small shop and onto the Parisian street.
They ate at a small outdoor bistro, the three of them enjoying conversation as well as the succulent food. They walked along the Seine before deciding to hire a boat to enjoy the crisp, clear day.
The boat master seemed to ignore the three of them as they chatted at one end. Lillian ran her hand over his cock, teasing him. Already hard, uncomfortably so, Philip caught her hand and brought the gloved back of it to his lips. But her eyes were heavy with her own arousal and her tongue peeked from between her moist lips to tease him further.
Unable to stop the impulse, Philip kissed her, a hard quick kiss that did nothing to alleviate this need for her and everything to arouse him further. Breaking the kiss, he looked to Aria. Her breath came short, and her fingertips rubbed her full lower lip.
Philip didn’t care if they were in public; he didn’t care who could see them or what danger that involved. He wanted to watch his women kiss each other and know anyone could see them.
He hadn’t taken himself for a voyeur, but then he supposed he wasn’t the one engaging in public sex. Pulling Lillian closer, never taking his eyes from Aria, he whispered his desire to his wife.
“Oh, yes,” she breathed, eyes shooting from Philip’s to Aria’s.

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