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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Regency: What kind of Regency woman are you?

When I brainstorm new Regency stories, I come up with the normal troupes then turn them on their heads. It's easier to do it with a menage *G* but I wanted to write a couple stories with ruined women and how they reclaim their places in society.

Here are the Regency Women Troupes-do you agree? Disagree? Did I miss any?

Wallflower: A delicate blossom who prefers to view the word from a safe distance. You watch as others make merry and hope a potential suitor will notice your keen observation skills rather than your conversation. And of course, in the world of Regency Romance, he will.
Your best suitors: In the grand Regency tradition he’ll either be an extroverted rake tamed by your serenity or a like minded professor who prefers a fireplace, a book, and you to a grand ball.

Trouble Magnet: If there’s trouble, you’ll find it. And find it in a grand and speculator manner. If the spy is threatened by a pistol-wielding villain somehow you will find yourself walking in on the scene. But as any good Regency Romance will attest, just as you attract trouble, you have the luck to slip out of it.
Your best suitors: The spy you’ve just saved, a daring duke, or a swashbuckling rake, all of whom will concede they need your wits as surely as they love your witty charm.

Governess or Companion: Always in service and yet always part of the background, you wonder about the other way of life. You might be coy or professional, but you will always be the perfect complement to your suitor. Naturally, in Regency tradition, the master of the house will certainly notice you.
Your best suitors: The assertive master of the house will always need your indispensability, wits, and charm by his side.

Innocent Maiden: A delicate white rose blossom whose petals have yet to mature and untried in the ways of love. Your eye is easily and often turned by a handsome suitor, but you are no fool. While you might be inexperienced, you’re still clever and sharp enough to recognize a rake. It’s true that on occasion a particularly devious rake might seek an advantage, but no worries—in a Regency Romance you can easily dispatch the scoundrel.
Your best suitors: A chivalrous earl who seeks to enjoy your company, beauty, and to protect your honor.

Not-so Innocent Maiden: Like a rose vine, you’re beautiful but flexible enough to twine into the most interesting corners. You already have a suitor (or 2!) you’ve managed to keep hidden from the rest of society. You know the proper etiquette, but can also cover your tracks and can expertly slip away for a secret rendezvous.
Your best suitors: The gentleman able to keep all your secrets. You know the one; he dresses perfectly, with a membership to the best gentleman’s club. And he never boasts or gossips about you, because you’re his perfect match

Curious Adventuress: Like the lotus flower, you can grow and flourish almost anywhere. Mystery and adventure call to you, and you have the persistent habit of finding it. Unlike the Trouble Magnet, you’re able to keep a low profile. Stealth can be a talent.
Your best suitors: A man who relishes adventure just as you do; one who will be your partner in exploring the new and unknown, as well as exploring every curve of your body.

Bookworm: Unlike the rare blossom that is the Wallflower, you are more like a sunflower, absorbing new knowledge as the sunflower strains towards the sun. You’re ravenous for mental stimulation; you don’t simply escape in a fantasy though that is a welcome diversion. You seek answers and are a great puzzle solver.
Your best suitors: The serious man—a professor or scientist with as much yearning to learn as you do. But you know just how to capture his attention, and his only distraction is you.

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