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Monday, January 13, 2014

Stories from the Weekend

2014...I'd ask where 2013 went but we all have that question!

Stories for this year:
  • My Curvy Girls trilogy. Three curvy friends from New York and their winding road to love (m/f)
  • Regency Winter's Menage Tales. Het menages (m/f/m) set during the winter of 1814 and the Last Frost Fair on the Thames.
  • The Forbidden Series. Contemporary menage (m/m/f) series set in Havenbrook, CA in the middle of a large farming community.
  • Sordid Little series. A Regency's matchmaker's delight in setting up 'ruined' women with an ideal match.(m/f)
  • Cursed Love. I wrote the first a while ago--cursed woman out to find the people who did this to her and the man who loves her regardless. Then I realized it needed a sequel so that's on the goal list this year!
So far I have the first in my Forbidden Series, Forbidden Road finished, the first in my Curvy Girl Trilogy finished, Countess Curvy finished and 1/4 of the first Regency Winter's Menage Tale, A Lady's Temptation finished.

I've discovered I'm definitely a goal oriented writer, but that so many things pop up that sometimes those goals fall by the wayside. Still, I think these are enough stories to keep me busy over the next few months!

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