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Thursday, January 2, 2014

#Guest Shaunna Wolf and her new release Life Flight

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Malachi Blackfeather has spent twenty years in the Army. Two of those years as a Vietnam POW. Now that he's out, all he wants is some peace and quiet to figure out what to do with the rest of his life. Between the flashbacks, and an over interest in sex that is now being called sex addiction, finding his path isn't easy.

Kat is trying to escape an abusive marriage. Her soon to be ex is a master at manipulating the system, and her family thinks she should stay with him, "because no other man will want her". She's looking for escape in any form she can get it.
When they meet, sparks fly. Trapped by a blizzard, can two damaged people, who think there is no chance of love in the world for them, find each other, and survive an unforeseen circumstance that puts both of them in danger?

Mystery, romance, and danger, fill this novel, with a story that will draw you in and not let go.

We stared at each other until Johnny cleared his throat.  The back of her hand went down the side of my face.  She put the back of her hand to her face.  Frowned, and then moved back to her place on the floor.  What had that meant?

The trooper cracked a beer.  Began telling us about a nudist house party he’d broken up.  Kat laughed, stroked his ego with her voice.  But her gaze kept coming back to me, I’d look back and she’d shift her attention away, then I’d catch her again.  Did she want me out of the room?  Did her soul’s demon want this new prospect?  Did she even see it as a demon?  As something that had taken the place of real feelings and human emotions--to the point they had to be borrowed and stolen from others?

My third beer and the room felt like the outdoors.  Wind whistled over the glass.  I pulled the other blankets out of the closet.  Zipped my coat.  Johnny zipped his and pulled gloves on.  Stood up.  At least not drunk.

“Going to my car,” he told us, “Y’all welcome to come sit in the warmth.”

“Mine's got a full tank as well.  Gets too bad, we can sit in it.”  I grasped his hand, glad I’d gone back for this man. “Thanks.”

“Smoke, before we’re in for the night?”

I stepped outside with him.  The air felt as if it would shatter.  Amazingly, the lights were on over in the restaurant.  The sound of a diesel engine running echoed over the parking lot.  Johnny laughed. 

“Guess I know where I’m heading, find me a booth, and get some shut eye.”

Not a bad idea.  At least warm--and hot food.  He lit his Winston, I lit a Camel.  We stood that way, two men, each scarred in his own way by a shared experience that we hadn’t even realized was one.  And Kat scarred by something, something before her marriage. 

“That little woman,” Johnny said.  “Ain’t none my business.  But everyone said she’s a free spirit--born after her time, shoulda been her age in the 60’s.”  His blue-eyed gaze flashed to me, then away.  “Take the right kinda man to make that kinda woman into a wife, but if you got any smarts, you’ll give it a shot.  The way you look at her, and the way she looks back, yeah, the way of things brought you together for a reason.”  He dropped the butt in the snow and took sure steps across the ice covered parking lot.


  1. Sex addiction? Can one really gave *too* much sex??? LOL, I'm not sure that's possible!

  2. The story sounds intriguing.

  3. Sex addiction is a real psychological condition, like a drug addict they are addicted to their own hormones. And it is not just the sex, the more risky the situation, the more they need it, and each time it has to more risky to get the same "high". As I researched for this book, I learned more than i wanted to about the issue--it's not just too much of a good thing--LOL It was a fascinating learning experience, and a bit scary as well, that these folks can't stop themselves from doing what they do to the detriment of everything, jobs, family, relationships, their lives. Working it into the plot line was an adventure!

  4. And you did it very successfully. :D


  5. A very intriguing subject and, to tell the truth, haven't heard about sex addiction until now, but I believe the author is right.
    I will add it to my TBR list too.

    1. IT's a sizzling read--with a dark undercurrent, characters you will love, and those you will love to hate!

  6. Thanks Marci. They always ask an author what is your favorite out of all the books you have written, this one competes for the top with Raven.

  7. It does sound very intriguing!


  8. Ebook is only $5.99, print is on sale right now for a $1.50 off. Add some heat to your new Kindle or Nook,with something a little different in the erotica genre.